Sold: Company Rebrands as ampX2


There have been quite a few two letter .com domain names that have sold in the last two years. Most of these deals transact in private, but when the Whois changes, it can be easy to detect that a domain name changed hands. I recently learned that the domain name was sold for an undisclosed price. had been owned for four years by a company that specializes in white label cloud storage and collaboration solutions.

According to the current Whois information, the new registrant of appears to be a Chinese company. In fact, it appears that the registrant information is the same as and Both of those domain names sold in 2014, with selling via Sedo for $1.2 million and selling for an undisclosed figure. The deal was closed via

After selling, the company rebranded as ampX2. The new brand name seems to have more meaning to what the company does than the CX branding: “Amp = Amplify + X = Revenue, Retention, Brand Relevance or Customer Lifetime Value + 2 (squared) = Quantifiable Results.”

According to Dan Smoker, VP, Product Development and Operations at ampX2, the company had been internally discussing a rebrand, and the sale prompted them to speed up this transition. My guess is that this was a seven figure transaction, especially considering the amount of time and money that will need to be spent on rebranding, marketing, search engine optimization, and other expenses like business cards, letterhead, signage and more.

This deal seems like a win win for the buyer and ampX2.

Thanks to Andrew Rosener of Media Options for mentioning this to me.


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