Appears to Have Changed Hands


I noticed a Whois change on recently, and it looks like the domain name may have changed hands. On July 2 and prior to that, was registered to, and it was registered at Network Solutions. At the present time, is registered under privacy protection, and it is registered at Tucows. Because of the privacy guard, I can not see the name of the current registrant.

A change of registrar with privacy protection wouldn’t necessarily indicate an ownership change, but there is a new landing page on  that  says “beta” next to the logo. The website’s privacy policy and footer makes references to a website called and a company called ReDo, Inc. now forwards to

According to the Do page on Angel.CO, “Do helps people run productive meetings.” Also listed on the Angel.CO page (under the founder heading) is Jason Shah, a successful entrepreneur and startup founder. On Saturday morning, I reached out to Shah via email and sent an email to a support email address, but I did not hear back (the support email bounced back as undeliverable). Last week, Shah tweeted to Network Solutions about a slow domain transfer, although I don’t know if it was in reference to the domain name.

Previously, was a popular website owned by According to a TechCrunch blog post from last October, “ said it would  shut down, its once-heralded task-management service.” The article mentioned that the service was set to shut down this past January. From what I can tell, the domain name had been forwarding to a page within the website until this new landing page went live.

If the domain name was sold by, it must have been expensive. I recently reported on two other large sales of two letter .com domain names, and was also sold recently for seven figures.

If I learn any more information about, I will hopefully be able to share it.


  1. Couple things:

    1) I read Andrew Allemann’s article this morning:

    2) I started working on this on Saturday:

    I got the DomainTools Whois Monitor alert on July 2 alerting me that the domain name went to “ok” status, and that is when I thought it might be pending transfer and began to monitor more closely.

  2. Years back Salesforce bought this domain name from Microsoft, right?
    I bet this was not cheap then… I assume Salesforce would not sell this name with loss now, so the price tag may be pretty high.

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