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When I read that all BIN listings will be added to GoDaddy’s Afternic network, I didn’t see much of a downside for domain sellers. It means there’s more exposure for domain names for sale than what is received now. At second glance, this listing migration could pose an issue for many sellers, and at the least for me, will be a bit of a time suck.

I have never been great at deleting stale (old and no longer valid) listings from marketplaces. Up until last year, I didn’t use Sedo much, so Afternic and were the only marketplaces where I had domain names listed with BIN prices. When I sold a name at or in private, I would immediately delete the listing from Afternic.

When I sold a name at Afternic, I would remove it from when I could remember to do that. My thinking was that nobody would find the listing since the nameservers would change after it sold and it would redirect elsewhere. Since people generally find my landing pages via direct nav, it wouldn’t be likely that anyone would see the names I had sold.

The same thing could be said for domain names that expire. The nameservers would change or the domain name wouldn’t resolve because they’re unregistered. Afternic does a pretty good job of deleting my GoDaddy-registered domain names that expire, and the listing wouldn’t really matter if nobody was going to navigate directly to it.

With the forthcoming change, that is no longer the case. Domain names that expired but that I still have listed in my account with BIN prices will be listed for sale on Afternic. Domain names I sold on Afternic will likely get re-listed for sale. Not only would this be an issue for sellers who are list domain names they no longer own, but it could become a customer service issue for buyers whose purchases can not be fulfilled.

This is not unlike the issue I faced when GoDaddy began listing domain names in Uniregistry marketplace accounts, even when customers like me were only using it for PPC parking and not for sales.

I am going to spend some time in the coming days to try and delete stale listings from to avoid them being added to Afternic with BIN prices. I will do my best to compare my listings with my inventory using Excel. I will also search my listings by nameservers, paying closer attention to the names that do not forward to landing pages.

I think GoDaddy needs to analyze all domain names that are going to be automatically added to to, at the very least, ensure they are registered. That should eliminate a fair amount of stale listings of expired domain names that can be hand registered.


I posted a short thread on Twitter describing how I reviewed my listings on in advance of this:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. No idea why do people pay when there are freebies around.
    Is it because when you pay for something it must be good than the freebies?
    Reverse psychology…

  2. Elliot, thanks for sharing these issues so we can double-check for ours.

    Question: your last paragraph…”I think GoDaddy needs to analyze all domain names that are going to be automatically added to to…” I re-read Dan’s email about the 3 upcoming changes and didn’t see anything about GoDaddy ‘auto’ adding domains to I’m not understanding how GD could ‘auto’ add domains to Dan. Can you clarify this. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Many thanks for the post Elliot. I deleted a domain name from Dan last week and it’s now on Squad Help as a premium listing. But, they (SH) tell me it’s still showing as being listed at Afternic. Are you aware of this issue? Or is it just a time lapse thing and the name will shortly disappear from Afternic? The pricing at SH is higher than Afternic so is there an exposure in the meantime?

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