Daniel Negari Talks About .XYZ Domains on Fox Business


Daniel Negari, CEO of the .XYZ domain name registry, was a guest this morning Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo. The upcoming GoDaddy IPO provided the backdrop to the interview.

The topic of discussion was primarily about .XYZ domain names, and Negari was able to chat about why someone would register them and what types of companies are buying .XYZ domain names. Negari also briefly discussed how the registry business works.

The appearance on Fox Business was brief, but I am sure this was good (and free) exposure for the company. The video of the interview is embedded below.


  1. Did I miss .ABC? or is ICANN holding out on that one until XYZ burns out?

    You cant even pronounce it as a word, they’d be better off spelling it backwards as ZYX.. This TLD is a pile of crap like all the rest of them, they have no future, and spare me the stats about how many regs the TLD has, the only people doing the registering are idiot domainers and corporations protecting their brand.

  2. You kidding me? He was on TV and that’s his best pitch? .xyz sucks. He did NOT convince me. “It make sense” . . . NO . . . it doesn’t.

  3. He dropped the ball pushing his extension. I think he did a poor job of explaining just about everything.

    I was under the impression he was a slick salesman but I have changed my mind about that. It looked like it was his 1st time trying to sell anything in his life.

  4. Any exposure for new tld’s is a good thing. It needs to be talked about wherever possible. I don’t think Daniel did a bad job. He is doing his part to get the word out. However, it is Maria Bartiromo so a .business mention would have been fitting. 🙂

  5. He’s done better interviews. He didn’t use the right body language in this one, shaking his head “no” through the whole video. It comes off as defensive. I’m not a fan of his extention,but I do agree that it is HUGE publicity for his business when the very first new GTLD that the millions of viewers are hearing of is his extention. But then it’s bad publicity for new GTLDs in general when the first one to get this kind of exposure is one as meaningless as XYZ. People may get a bad impression and think that all the new GTLDs are as meaningless. The anchor should have asked him what other options are out there just to be fair, but it just looked like a plug for his extention alone unfortunately….

    • >”But then it’s bad publicity for new GTLDs in general when the first one to get this kind of exposure is one as meaningless as XYZ.”


      As in…Yup.

  6. .XYZ = “extreme embarrassment to the whole industry, on steroids”

    (Sorry Daniel Negari, whoever you are.)

    (Just one man’s humble opinion.) 🙂

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