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Reduced Prices on Single Letter & Number .XYZ Domain Names


In a blog post and newsletter email this morning, the .XYZ registry announced "that over 2,700 (90%) of our variably priced premium domains have had their wholesale prices reduced for registrations, renewals, and transfers." With the news, the company released the list of domain names that had their prices reduced.

I took a look at the list that was shared by the registry, and it appears that all single letter .XYZ domain names are still available to purchase. There are just four single number .XYZ domain names available to purchase, since I believe the others were previously sold.

I wrote about the sales of 8.XYZ and 6.XYZ in November of 2015. Interestingly, at the time of that article, .XYZ Registry CEO Daniel Negari told me that the company was “considering offers of $250K+ for the remaining numbers individually.” I am not sure the sale prices of 1.XYZ, 2.XYZ, 3.XYZ, or 9.XYZ (assuming they were sold), but it looks like the recommended sale prices of the remaining single number .XYZ domain names is now $13,000/each. As → Read More

2.XYZ + 350 Other .XYZ Domain Names on Auction


xyz-logoThe .XYZ Registry hopes to start off 2017 on a high note by auctioning 350 .XYZ domain names on Chengdu West. The domain names in this auction all have no reserve and will sell to the highest bidders. The auctions begin concluding today (January 4), and it will run through January 13. Bidders need to be registered with the China-based auction house in order to participate.

I believe the most valuable domain name in this auction is 2.XYZ. This auction ends in approximately one week from today. Several single number .XYZ domain names have previously sold, with the largest sale being 1.XYZ, which sold for $182,000 in March of 2016. Other single number sales include 9.XYZ, which sold for $176,000 in December of 2015, 6.XYZ, which sold for $125,000 in November of 2015, and 8.XYZ, which sold for $82,000 in September of 2015.

Commenting on the auction, Shayan Rostam, Global Director of Registry Operations at .XYZ, shared the following with me: (more…) → Read More

.XYZ, .VIP, and .Club Get Chinese Governmental Approval


Earlier this morning, I received an email and a press release from .XYZ founder Daniel Negari announcing that his company "has received official approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), a Chinese governmental agency in charge of domain name industry." Here was Daniel's reaction to the news on Twitter:

In scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning and reading my news alerts, it looks like the operators of the .VIP and .Club extensions also received this MIIT approval as well. .Club CEO Colin Campbell also shared the news on Twitter this morning:

I can't read the page on the (more…) → Read More

X-Formation Launches Connect.xyz


connect-xyzEarlier this week, I learned that a company called X-Formation has launched a new business on Connect.xyz. The business is simply called Connect, and it is a cloud-based task automation application that works with a variety of apps, including Twitter, Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail (among others). I was told that "Connect.xyz serves as a clever marketing tool for this powerful software that excels in integrating with most (X, Y, and Z) applications to extract data."

X-Formation is a software development company that is used in the field of software licensing. Some of the X-Formation clients listed on the company About Us page include Honda, Siemens, HP, and NASA.

When asked why the company chose Connect.xyz for this website, Henrik Goldman, Founder of X-Formation shared the following: (more…) → Read More

5 With… Daniel Negari


Daniel Negari XYZAs CEO of XYZ, Daniel Negari has seen the .XYZ extension become the largest new gTLD domain name extension. According to nTLDStats.com, there are nearly 6.5 million registered .XYZ domain names, and the extension has a 27.79% market share of all registered new gTLD domain names. Daniel's company also operates other extensions such as .College, .Rent, .Security, .Protection, .Theatre, .Cars, .Car, and .Auto.

There has been a considerable amount  of industry talk about the marketing strategies and tactics undertaken by XYZ. For this 5 question interview, I asked Daniel about  other topics related to his business and the new gTLD extensions.

If you have questions for Daniel, you are welcome to ask them.  Please keep your comments or questions respectful, as I have a low tolerance for rudeness and uncivil discussion when people have been nice enough to participate in an interview like this.

Elliot:  What are your goals for .XYZ in the next 3 years and how do you plan to achieve them?

Daniel Negari: .xyz is for → Read More

.XYZ Planning “biggest sale the domain world has ever seen”


I saw the tweet below from .XYZ CEO Daniel Negari, and I reached out to him to see if he could share what he has planned for the company's anniversary. From the looks of it, we are going to hear a lot about .XYZ domain names via domain name registrar channels and perhaps other outlets.

Here's what Daniel told me after  I (more…) → Read More

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