Daily Poll: Will Dispute.com Sell for Six Figures?


Dispute.com is in an expiry auction at GoDaddy Auctions. The auction ends later on today. At the time of publication, the high bid is $65,000 and there have been 118 bids placed on the auction. The $65,000 high bid is much higher than the GoDaddy Appraisal of $19,636.

Because of the bidding, this auction has been closely followed, including a contest on TheDomains.com asking people to guess the final price (they are donating to my PMC fundraiser in the winner’s name – thanks!).

With a high bid of $65,000 and hours to go, today’s poll asks if you think the auction will hit the six figure $100,000+ mark. The most recent GoDaddy Auctions sale that hit the six figure mark was the $125,001 sale of Gradient.com less than a year ago. I later learned that Gradient.com was bought by Google.

Do you think Dispute.com will sell for 6 figures?


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