Even.com and Even Financial Branding Confusion


Take a quick look at Even.com and then take a quick look at EvenFinancial.com. Both businesses have blue logos and both companies look like they are in the financial services sector. Making it even (pun intended) more confusing is that both logos simply say “Even.”

Both companies are well funded. According to Crunchbase, Even.com has raised $52 million in funding. Also according to Crunchbase, Even Financial has raised $27.9 million in funding.

Here are excerpts from Crunchbase about these two companies – see if you can tell which one is which:

“an NYC based fintech company focused on evolving how financial institutions connect with consumers and provide them the best product recommendations at the right moment, facilitating an on-demand and personalized customer acquisition experience across the entire financial services ecosystem.”

“a technology company building a new type of financial institution: one that automatically manages your money for you. “

The first one was from the Even Financial profile and the second one was from the Even.com profile.

When I did a Google search for “Even,” Even.com is the top natural result for me. EvenFinancial.com is the third natural result below the Apple Store link.

Making this more confusing, both companies refer to themselves as Even. Here are the meta descriptions for each:

Even.com: “How busy people master their money. Get paid on demand, budget instantly, and save automatically with Even. “

Even Financial: “Even grows revenue by connecting consumers to the right financial products in real-time. … Even provides infrastructure for optimized omni-channel acquisition.”

If I were a consumer looking to find Even, I might be confused.

Back in May of 2015, Even.com was listed for sale in the Media Options newsletter for $350,000. In an interview I did with Andrew Rosener (CEO of Media Options) in 2016, he mentioned that his company successfully brokered the Even.com domain name. My assumption is the startup acquired Even.com.

From my vantage point, the company that secured the Even.com domain name was very wise and will likely benefit from having it.


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