Daily Poll: What is a Single Letter .org Worth?


Yesterday, I reported that GoDaddy sold the F.org domain name. In January of 2017, Jamie Zoch reported that GoDaddy sold the G.org domain name. Both of these sales were for undisclosed prices.

In yesterday‘s article, I speculated that F.org sold for six figures. That was a guess since I didn’t see what the company was asking. Six figures is a big range obviously, and it might be more or less. As a couple of commenters pointed out, GoDaddy’s GoValue appraisal tool values F.org at $13,792.

I am curious what you think a single letter .org domain name is worth. Obviously, the value would be contingent upon the letter and owner of the domain name, so should be a general approximation.


  1. GoDaddy acquired F.org directly from PIR. They most likely negotiated a lower price in 2017, perhaps slightly less than six figures. Selling it to a fintech company? Definitely six figures, perhaps as high as $200k – $250k.

    • I am not sure if that is accurate. In December of 2016, the registrant was Public Interest Registry and the registrar was also Public Interest Registry. In January of 2017, the registrant was private and the name was registered at Name.com.

      I was under the assumption it was acquired by GoDaddy when it did the Rightaide/Name.com deal since the registration information was the same as the other private names GoDaddy acquired (registrant organization being “Domain Protection Services, Inc.”).

      Not a big deal either way.

  2. I have sold many LL .org for healthy 5 figures. A L .org HAS to be six figures minimum, Id imagine a line up to buy under that. As you state where is anyone’s guess but nothing would shock me in a case like this.

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