Daily Poll: Are You Watching the Olympics?


The Winter Olympics started last week. In years past, I tuned in to some of the events but didn’t go out of my way to watch beyond some of the feature events. I know there are people who are avid viewers of the Olympic games, and I am wondering where you fall.

Today’s poll is unrelated to domain names. Are you watching the Olympics?


  1. I’ll admit this is a first world problem, but the time difference kills me and makes it a low priority.

    When the games are in North America, South America (summer games obviously) or even Europe I get into it. But when they’re in Asia…I can’t easily tell if it’s live or recorded so it’s not “appointment” television at all.

    I’ll just google the medal standings a few times per day and that’s about it unless it’s being hyped at home (I’m in Canada)

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