Daily Poll: Do You Participate in the Domain Industry?


NamePros, DNForum, Domain Boardroom, and other domain industry forums jointly boast thousands of members. NamesCon, Merge, DomainX, and other industry conferences around the world have several thousand attendees each year. There are also Twitter conversations, Slack groups, and private domain name discussions happening throughout the world.

Even with all of this communication, there are a whole lot of people “under the radar,” who hardly communicate with anyone. They don’t participate in forums, they’re not actively posting on Twitter or elsewhere, and many have never met other people in the domain industry beyond dealmaking. This group of people is actively investing in domain names, but the people are not active participants in discussions.

This may be a silly question to ask, especially if it means asking people who choose not to participate, but I will go ahead and ask anyway. Do you actively participate in domain industry discussion (Forums, social media, conferences, private groups…etc)?


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