Daily Poll: Do You Broker Domain Names?


Do a search on LinkedIn for “domain broker” or “domain name,” and you will see a lot of results for people who list domain name broker in their LinkedIn profile. There are way more people who consider themselves to be brokers or who offer private brokerage services than I thought possible.

One reason for this is that there are likely brand protection companies whose employees work on domain name acquisitions on behalf of clients. Another reason is the relative ease in setting up shop and calling oneself a domain broker.

I am not a domain broker. I acted as a broker for a few names probably over 10 years ago, and I didn’t like that business model. I prefer to sell my own domain names. I am curious what percentage of readers broker domain names owned by other people. Please vote in the poll below to share:

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  1. NO, I do not broker names, and I do not use a broker after a few less then desirable outcomes from using a broker in the past.

    Here’s my story:
    Couple years ago I got contacted by a domain broker asking if I am willing to sell some of my names, and to give him a shot. I agreed to a 90 day exclusivity deal with the domain broker and then he asks me to price my names and get back to him.
    Next thing I know, he says my prices are to high!I am like LOL, if my broker doesn’t believe in the product and price he is trying to market, how could I expect anyone to BUY from him??
    Would have liked to know his closing rate, and should have qualified him “as an expert broker” before agreeing to do business with! Lesson learned…

    I was left with a bad impression, and since I negotiate my own deals 100%!
    My view by no means should be generalized and does not apply to all domain brokers. I know there are reputable and professional brokers out there.

    Would love to hear other feedback and experiences…

  2. •It seems some brokers have no clue what domain names are really worth.

    •Usually don’t like dealing with a buyer’s broker much.

    •Some of the best domains in the world can be “brokered” for prices that amount to a really amazing “steal,” and yet some industry luminaries will nonetheless be eager to roll over and declare it was a good sale while virtually everyone else willing to say anything at all will surely declare what a steal it really was.

    Don’t get me started on details there…

    • I am with you on that one .Some sales are just way below what I expected some premium names to be sold at from so called brokers .Some sedo sales are way below my expecations even in the 6 figures the names are sold at.Got contacted to list a name and I told the broker ,no way am I selling below my expected figure and he went about saying ,what matters is to price low so the name can be sold .

  3. Only if it’s worth the effort. Last one I did I made 13k in a few hours. I sell my own domains in the 4-6 figure range so I’d only take on brokerage ones priced 10k or better.

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