Daily Poll: Will You Watch the World Cup?


I grew up playing soccer. I didn’t watch much on tv (not surprising being in the USA), but I loved playing the sport. During the past few years, my brother has gotten me into following the EPL, cheering on Arsenal. I watch when I can, although it can be tough to do in the morning with other family priorities.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia kicks off today. One of the benefits of working from home on my own schedule is that I have the ability to tune into matches during the day. It’s unfortunate the US won’t be playing in the World Cup this time around, so I will probably gently root for a few countries I loved visiting and hope the matches are great.

Will you be watching the World Cup?

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  1. Is it like the Olympics? If it involves all soccer then no. I love playing soccer for fun but not to actually watching it on tv.

  2. Some of the greatest audio of NHL announcing occurred early 2000’s:

    “Yagr” “Lemeiux”
    “Lemeiux” “Yagr”
    “Yagr” “Primeau”
    “Primeau back to Yagr”
    “Yagr to Lemeiux”
    “Lameiux over to Primeau”
    “Primeau Yagr, Yagr Lemeiux…..”
    “KASPARAITIS !!!!”

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