Time Warner Rebranding as Warner Media Without Matching Domain


AT&T and Time Warner are merging, and the result is a rebranding of Time Warner. According to NBCNews.com, Time Warner will be rebranded as Warner Media:

“WarnerMedia is the new name for Time Warner, according to an internal memo from the AT&T executive who is taking charge of the media company, John Stankey.

The telecom firm said that customer confusion with Time Warner Cable, long since spun off from the company, was the reason for the change.”

From what I can see, it looks like this rebranding effort is being made without the matching WarnerMedia.com domain name. Instead, the company is using WarnerMediaGroup.com for its website.

Whois records for WarnerMedia.com, which are redacted due to GDPR, show the domain name was created in December of 1998. Using DomainTools’ Whois History tool, I can see that the domain name has been registered to a Pennsylvania entity called WarnerMedia since at least 2001 (the oldest historical record at DomainTools). From what I can see, Warner is the last name of the registrant contact.

It appears the domain name could be available for sale if the rebranded company would like to buy it. On the WarnerMedia.com landing page, there is a message that says, “The warnermedia.com domain is available for license or purchase. Select offers will be considered.” Here’s how the landing page currently looks:

Beyond the exact match .com domain name, it looks like the new gTLD Warner.Media domain name has been registered since April of 2015. That domain name does not resolve for me.

I  think it could become necessary for the rebranded entity to buy the WarnerMedia.com domain name, particularly because of the potential for email confusion between employees, contractors, and third parties who inadvertently email @warnermedia.com instead of @warnermediagroup.com. Since the domain name has been owned by the same entity for many years before this rebranding, it is very likely that the domain name would be expensive. This is why it is a good idea to acquire domain names before a rebrand is announced.

I will keep an eye on the WarnerMedia.com domain name to see if the rebranded Warner Media buys it.


  1. I would think they’d just acquire it, but maybe they will just let Warner.com redirect, as it currently does to Warner Brothers.
    Or maybe they will buy WM.com — if that’s not already a giant corporation.

  2. Noticed WarnerBro.com redirects to Edmunds.com Sometimes Norton blocks the redirect otherwise it lands on random Edmunds.com topic pages.

    WarnersBros.com redirects to Official WarnerBros.com, however WarnersBro.com is deleted and available again.

  3. The domain warnermedia.com looks available for purchase!
    ” The warnermedia.com domain is available for license or purchase. Select offers will be considered. ”
    I think it’s an awesome domain and would make an amazing worldwide brand!
    It would be silly on their part NOT to acquire WarnerMedia.com….while it’s still available.
    Ohhh and the WarnerMediaGroup has no chance in acquiring WM.com; The management at WasteManagement are ahead of the game…They already own WasteManagement.com and WM.com…they GET IT! 😉

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