Daily Poll: At What Price Will Undergraduate.com Sell?


The Undergraduate.com domain name is in an expired domain name auction at DropCatch.com. This domain name sold publicly two times for around $22,000. Right now, the bidding is at $7,700 with a little more than a day remaining in the auction.

Today’s daily poll asks readers where they think bidding will end this time around for Undergraduate.com:


  1. Dropcatch is dangerous lots of rouge bidders who tend to show up in the last minutes, and push bids higher. Take it with a grain of salt, someone is going to end up bidding a lot more than they need to.

  2. I don’t think there is some kind of rules and regulations for last minute/s bid?
    However, in my opinion this name has limited used; and not a killer name. Therefore, I would not considered in that price range.

  3. I disagree. I think Undergraduate.com can definitely be a category killer. I think the only name that would be better than that is College.com. I feel its better than University.com and Graduate.com. Man I wish I could afford a domain like that.

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