Here’s My .com Belt


At the end of the Summer, I decided to buy a needlepoint belt. I didn’t want something standard – like tennis racquets, wine glasses, fraternity letters, or something along those lines. I thought it would be neat to have a .com needlepoint belt since domain names are my life beyond my family, and .com domain names are where I’ve made my living.

After doing a bit of research to find a custom needlepoint belt maker via Google and Etsy, I found NeedlePainters. I worked with NeedlePainters to design a custom needlepoint belt using the blue and green color scheme from I requested a chevron pattern with .com overlaid. The team at NeedlePainters helped me design the belt to my specifications.

The belt arrived in the mail on Saturday, and it was exactly what I envisioned. I am not a big “endorsement” person, but I thought the communication from NeedlePainters was great, and they worked closely with me to design the exact belt I wanted. The finished product turned out great:

My belt was not cheap, costing almost as much as a Ferragamo or other Italian designer belt. That said, being able to custom design something like this is pretty cool.

Even though Verisign (the operator of the .com registry) doesn’t seem to love domain investors right now, I still love .com domain names. My belt will definitely stand out from the crowd.


  1. It’s pretty cool Elliot…it looks like I may be going to NamesCon as long as I can sleep under the crap tables. I use to sleep under the black tables, but there wasn’t enough room. I’ve never had a custom belt, but I have had a couple of custom suits made back in the day. Wear it in good health Elliot, and maybe i’ll see you in Vegas. I’ll be the one sporting the Bulloney tattoo’s

  2. What about the buckle?Does it have a DI buckle head.How did you pick out the quality of the leather.I love wearing quality materials when its customized.Might try them now that you mentioned.I love being in the domain business.

    • Didn’t take a photo of the buckle, but it is brass (pretty standard for needlepoint belts). Not sure about the leather quality, but seems pretty good. You can see the finishes on their website.

      I am not super knowledgable about this biz, but I think Smathers & Branson are probably the best known needlepoint belt company, and you can see they use the same simple brass buckle:

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