China is in da .CLUB


The .CLUB team first visited China in January 2014, months before our formal launch in May of that year.   Little did we know back then that China would become one of the most significant growth and revenue drivers for our business.   We believed from the beginning that China was a very important market and we invested heavily in building relationships there, visiting at least eight more times since then, but we never imagined the record-breaking sales and registration numbers that China has delivered in the past six weeks.

As I write this, on the afternoon of December 16th, just today we’ve already sold over 2,040 premium .CLUB names, at an average price of $70-$100, primarily to Chinese buyers.   These predominantly three-letter names were part of a release of 13,000 new names that were made available to the registrar channel at 8am ET this morning as an addition to our tiered premium name inventory.   There are currently approximately 6,000 three-character .CLUB names still available.

Last month we saw more than 100,000 new registrations from China.   We held two successful auctions, one on the Chinese platform, and one on the platform that collectively generated more than $240,000 in sales.   Most of those names were sold to Chinese buyers.   Also in November we sold a package of premium names to a single Chinese buyer for more than $1 million, leading a record month of $1.622 million in premium name sales.

The demand for short domain names, in particular one, two and three-character numbers and letters, has been a boon for .CLUB as well as other registries and domain investors.   In China, numbers, and combinations of numbers, as well as certain letters and repeating letters, have meaning and purpose.   That may be hard for Westerners to fathom, but rest assured that it has, for now, turned certain domain names into a coveted currency.

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