Continuing to Get Uniregistry Inquiry Spam

It’s been a long while since I actively used Uniregistry to sell my domain names. Despite this, I continue to receive spam emails sent via an old purchase inquiry thread. In fact, the domain name that was subject of the email has since been sold twice – first by me and then by the company that initially acquired the domain name.

The spam email I receive comes in pairs. Because I already blocked the email email address at the email level, it always ends up in my spam folder. I also unsubscribed to the email, but I still receive the spam emails. I reached out to GoDaddy but can’t get these emails to stop.

Incidentally, because I unsubscribed to emails, all Uniregistry Market emails now go to spam. On the rare occasion that I receive a legitimate inquiry via Uniregistry, the email automatically goes to spam and it may take a while to fish it out.

Strangely, there is only one negotiation thread that receives this spam email. I presume some type of spam bot got ahold of the email url and is now using it to spam, but I am not really a tech person.

Have you noticed this issue, too? Perhaps if this is a more widespread issue, someone from Uniregistry or GoDaddy will take notice.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. These emails come to me too, and if they get any worse I’ll set up an email filter to route them directly to trash, as I do now with the most pernicious and repetitive of the spam calls that come in as email notifications from my Google Voice number, which is the number used on all my Whois records.

    Filters are a tricky matter, as they can vacuum up legitimate emails too. Setting a term to filter out can be hard. “ICANN” or “Verisign” would catch too much legitimate email to be useful.

    Like you, I keep hoping that someone closer to the problem at the registrar or registry level will take the initiative to solve it. Perhaps an institutionally maintained honeypot followed by criminal complaints to the relevant authorities would fix it, even if, or especially if, the spammers are offshore.

    Members of @NatlAssnAttysGn are well positioned, legally and institutionally, to take a lead role on this, but they’re largely MIA.

    • I have it blocked along with all notifications from Uniregistry. This would be problematic/impossible if I was actively selling via Uniregistry.

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