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If you are a Uniregistry customer, you most likely received an email explaining the upcoming migration of the Uniregistry Market and parking platform to Afternic. The subject of the email I received was “Important notice – ACTION RECOMMENDED to move your Market & Parking accounts to Afternic within 6 weeks“. Andrew Allemann wrote about this as did Theo Develegas.

I have had a Uniregistry account since its inception. I started with parking and the Market for sales, but I later moved all of my domain names off of the Market and nearly all of them off of parking. I primarily use my own inquiry forms and for my domain name sales right now.

I have about 1,100 domain names listed in my Uniregistry Market account. Since I neither parked most of my domain names nor directed them to the Market, I never took the time to delete sold or expired domain names. My portfolio at Uniregistry is totally outdated due to the lack of upkeep. If GoDaddy would migrate this list of domain names to my Afternic account, it would be annoying to remediate. I will almost certainly delete just about all of the domain names listed there, with the exception of my parked domain names.

At the present time, I use PPC parking at Uniregistry for fewer than 50 of my domain names. These domain names generate a small amount of steady income I would prefer to maintain without having to do much work. If I need to make any time consuming changes or updates to keep the status quo, I might as well look at other parking providers since I haven’t really done any parking testing.

Shortly after receiving the migration notification email, I posted some questions on Twitter I have that weren’t answered on the Help Center page referenced in the email. I am sure someone is working on getting those answers, and I am also sure other people have additional questions that should be highlighted. I am posting this to share my questions more widely, and I invite others to ask questions as well.

I presume GoDaddy earns a decent amount of income from the Uniregistry parking service. My feeling is the company will ensure the move to Afternic is a smooth transition since there is a very small barrier to changing parking service providers.

Questions I have about the Uniregistry Migration to Afternic:

  • Where will we find parking stats and reports?
  • Will current keyword settings remain in tact after migrating?
  • Will we be able to “lock” keywords like we can now to prevent potentially infringing links?
  • Where will we be able to modify or update keyword settings for individual domain names?
  • Will the landing pages retain their current appearance?
  • Will a new payment profile need to be set up even if we already have an active Afternic account that receives payouts for domain name sales?
  • How do I ensure names aren’t listed for sale automatically, particularly if they are already listed at Afternic?
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hey Elliot,
    I appreciate the questions – as I mentioned to you on Twitter, the FAQs are being updated with user questions, so I’ll add a link in a comment here when they’re live.

    • Are current landing page designs going to change?
      Will all parked domain names reset to some sort of default keyword targeting?
      Will customers who choose to keep parking there need to change nameservers?

  2. This is gonna get ugly, James!

    -Will keyword settings remain intact after migrating?
    This is not available at this time.

    -Will Afternic have the ability to set Specific Keywords/categories for parking like Uni currently does?
    Not at this time.

    UDRPs will fly

  3. Quesion: For parking migration, will Uni clients have to use, Uni nameserver, Afternic nameserver or GoDaddy Cashparking


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