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Michael Cyger Launches SEOBlog.com

SEO-BlogSearch engine optimization continues to be one of the most discussed topics online for web developers and publishers. Every second there is an average of 3.5 searches about the topic on Google, and there are over 3,000 books about SEO on Amazon. SEO is a booming business, and many millions of dollars are spent by companies annually.

Knowing how important SEO is, DomainSherpa’s Michael Cyger has launched a website on SEOBlog.com, and I wanted to share details about the domain name and the new site. I asked Michael about his plans for the website, and he shared some insight:

What an SEO Expert Does


I don’t often re-post blog comments into their own blog posts, but I think a comment left by SEO expert Bill Hartzer is worthy of its own post. Bill was responding to another comment, and he left a lengthy response about what search engine optimization specialists actually do. Bill would probably tell me that by re-posting his comment I am not doing myself any SEO favors, but I think it’s good for us to know.

If you want to learn more about SEO or have a discussion about your website with Bill Hartzer, visit his website,  BillHartzer.com.

Here’s the comment Bill left the other day:

Bill Hartzer to be Keynote Speaker at DBRFF

It was just announced that search engine optimization expert Bill Hartzer will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Domain Boardroom Fun Fest, a fee free conference for members of the private Domain Boardroom domain forum. Bill will be discussing current SEO issues and topics, going over basic SEO strategy, and doing a Q and A.

Bill has given me quite a bit of SEO help on my websites over the last few years. He has always provided me with actionable information to let me know what I can do to increase visitor stickiness while making my websites more visible in Google. I have found Bill’s services to be affordable.

I believe the most beneficial aspect of Bill’s talk at DBRFF is that he will do some website reviews for DBR members. In addition to speaking about SEO, he will give examples and tips using member websites. Some might cringe at the idea of having their website disected, but it will be helpful to those who volunteer to have their site reviewed and discussed.

Donna Mahony is expecting between 50 – 100 people in attendance for the conference. I believe sponsorships opportunities are still available.

Dave Evanson to Speak at Boston SEO Meetup Tonight


If you’re in the Boston area tonight, you might be interested in attending a SEO Meetup with Sedo’s Dave Evanson as the guest speaker. The event is sponsored by The Cambridge Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group.

Tonight’s event will be held at Microsoft New England, located at 1 Memorial Drive in Cambridge (Kendall Square). The event will be held  in the Adams and Attucks rooms at Microsoft. The event kicks off at 6:30pm and runs until 8:30.

Dave Evanson is a Sedo domain broker, and he recently won a TRAFFIC Award for Domain Broker of the Year. Not only will this event give you the chance to meet Dave, but you’ll also be able to meet web developers and SEO professionals in the area.

Update:  It looks like the event may be full, although it is possible people will be permitted entry if space allows.

Sedo’s Perspective on What Works in SEO


I want to share a video that might be of interest to you. Jeremiah Johnston of Sedo participated on the “What Still Works in SEO” panel at SES Toronto in June of 2012. This interview with Jeremiah was done just after the panel ended, and it focused on the current value of domain names for search engine optimization.

The video has some interesting bits of information that I thought you might enjoy.

Do you agree with  Jeremiah? What are your thoughts on the value of domain names when it comes to current SEO

Monitor Domain Names Related to Your Websites and Business

I want to share a tip with you that can help you drive traffic and improve your search rankings. Keep your eyes on domain names that are related to your business, both in terms of current registrations and dropping/expiring domain names. If something comes available and it’s not a trademark, acquire it and 301 redirect it.

There have been a number of times I’ve bought descriptive domain names for my websites that have either expired and become available for registration or are in a drop auction. Organizations and companies seem to frequently change domain names, forget to renew domain names, or think they have no more use for a particular domain name.

Whatever the case is, they let great names with inbound links drop. These names may be worth something due to traffic levels, or they may be worth more in terms of search engine optimization value. I discussed buying the domain name previously used by an arena after the management confirmed they didn’t want it. Not only does it bring enough traffic to the page on my site that it’s become a top 5 most visited page, but it has great inbound links from sites like Boston.com.

To watch domain names, I use one primary tool, which is the Domain Monitor tool at DomainTools. This is perfect for domain names I know about, and I follow quite a few, even though I don’t anticipate a drop.

What’s probably more helpful for this type of situation is creating filters at Freshdrop which contain specific keywords I want to monitor. This will let me know when any related domain names will drop, which is helpful because there are plenty of names I don’t really even know about. Freshdrop also allows me to see the domain name’s analytics (age, links, PR…etc), helping me decide if its worth pursuing.

If you have developed websites or a business that you care about, I recommend monitoring domain names that may be beneficial.

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