Bill Hartzer to be Keynote Speaker at DBRFF

It was just announced that search engine optimization expert Bill Hartzer will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Domain Boardroom Fun Fest, a fee free conference for members of the private Domain Boardroom domain forum. Bill will be discussing current SEO issues and topics, going over basic SEO strategy, and doing a Q and A.

Bill has given me quite a bit of SEO help on my websites over the last few years. He has always provided me with actionable information to let me know what I can do to increase visitor stickiness while making my websites more visible in Google. I have found Bill’s services to be affordable.

I believe the most beneficial aspect of Bill’s talk at DBRFF is that he will do some website reviews for DBR members. In addition to speaking about SEO, he will give examples and tips using member websites. Some might cringe at the idea of having their website disected, but it will be helpful to those who volunteer to have their site reviewed and discussed.

Donna Mahony is expecting between 50 – 100 people in attendance for the conference. I believe sponsorships opportunities are still available.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. SEO is based on Lies ,. Deception , and Illusion and this is a practice you think is valuable to End-Users ?

    Our question to the SEO manipulators is this?

    How can you possibly believe that by gaming the search Engines, you are indeed helping End-Users? You may have to come up with more new creative lies, as to why you are a part of perverting language deliberately, to lead consumers to false destinations through trickery, and treachery.

    This Brand you support is self limiting and highly conterproductive for the Capital Markets Systems Successful expansion. This whole Anti-competitive initiative of SEO manipulation of Search Engines is a blight on Internet Business Expansion and will be an extinct practice in the near future, are you really sure you want to be a part of this?

    Yes this is a brutally honest post that many will dodge.

    The truth is the Search Engine Marketing Model requires these practices.

    The better alternative to be found in Cyberspace is a Pure play Generic .COM Profit Center.

    The search Engine Model is terribly inefficient for locating your online business, and is only getting less efficient as more businesses come on line,and those who depend on Search Engine Centric Marketing over URL Centric marketing, are getting lost in the shuffle.

    Gratefully , Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Jeff,
    SEO is not just about making a website “rank better” for certain keywords that will ultimately bring more qualified traffic to a site.

    Frankly, 90 percent of the “SEO” that I do on a daily basis for clients is cleaning up what a sloppy or ineffficient “web designer” did when they created a web site. For example, title tags, meta description tags, and other content-related issues must be taken care of: search engines use those as part of their search engine listings. Title tags also show up in the web browser, as well as when someone “bookmarks” the page (nothing to do with search engines).

    SEOs also clean up tons of spam, such as duplicate content on web sites. There’s not need to have multiple copies of the same page out there on the web.

    By the way, Jeff, did you know that you actually have duplicate copies of your home page on your own site (one copy at and another copy at You could actually be called a “search engine spammer” for having multiple copies of the same content. Not a good thing. But I digress.

    SEOs work on a web site’s structure, such as by making it easier to navigate from page to page–and once someone is on your website, they can find it. Nothing to do with “search engines”, but creating a better user experience. I bet that if you took and broke it into multiple web pages (rather than actually having ALL THAT CONTENT on the same page, you might keep visitors around on your site a bit more–and they might be more inclined to do business with you if you have an “about page” and people could learn about you and your company.

    They might trust you more if they could see a photo of you and understand your company’s background and your group’s overall goal.

    Another thing that SEOs do is make sure there’s a clear call to action on your website. What do you want someone to do when they come to your site? Contact you? Fill out a form? Email you?

    There is a call to action, which is an email address. But did you know that you could “optimize” this better? If you had an online form for contact, you could track the referrers–how people found out about you. They could find out about you from another website, or a search engine. Or they could be directly coming to your site. But you wouldn’t know that since you haven’t employed the services of an SEO to give you these ideas.

    My point here, Jeff, SEOs do a lot more for websites than just “get better rankings”. SEOs will optimize your website so that you make more money.

  3. Like it or not, Search engines drive a significant amount of traffic for web properties. Knowing how a search engine finds and catalogs your site helps to insure that your search engine profile is most efficient with your website content/purpose. The search engines are constantly tweaking and changing their algorithms to make the searches more effective, why not do the same to your site as it relates to search? The idea shouldn’t be to “Trick” the engine into vaulting your site up further in the rankings but to give those search engines “a full, complete look” so they can serve you site up properly.

  4. @ Bill Hartzer,

    We are not buying your Enchilada.

    The Body of evidence supporting my statements are overwhelming.

    When you can step back from denial and really read what are the truths you may rethink your position in stymying competition and new business Web growth.


    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. @ Chip,

    This all sounds like a polished response that if really examined is full of fundamental flaws leading to misconception.

    A pig with lipstic remains a pig.

    Search Engine Centric Marketing is not good for End-Users under any stretch of your imagination.

    The Body of evidence does not support your assertions here.Search Engine Centric Marketing is a severely flawed method for locating anyones business, for reasons I will follow with.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  6. There are many SEO drones versions of the definition of Domainers.

    The real definition is = Anyone who monetizes revenues in Cyberspace. PERIOD

    All others are mostly B.S.

    Real Domainers = , ,
    , ,, ,, ,,,

    And on and on.

    Are you all getting the picture now?

    If you aren’t hire an interpretor.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  7. Bill so well said that I just sent that exact pitch to the CEO of the company I am pitching you too

    Jeff: hire bill to fix your site. He does my personal sites and client sites and is truly gifted compared to hundreds who at first glance appear to offer comparable services.

  8. “”Are you all getting the picture now?””

    Uhh.., no. But that may be because we (the world) don’t get or watch the same stations you do.

  9. Hello Owen my old friend,

    We do not need to fix our site. It is an example for anyone with a little creativity, to duplicate for 12$ a month.

    Its intentionally set as an example of what anyone can do that thinks outside the box!

    12$ without expensive experts, Our ROI on this will, when launched, will blow the sox off, of conventional thought, Thank you.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  10. Jeff,

    “When Launched” is the operative word. Only when launched and you roll up your sleeves and get hands-on online will the rubber meet the road and you will live, breath and understand the realities of competing in a digital world where even I started late and have a 25 year head start over you, hands-on 14/7.

    You are so prolific with so much to say YOU need YOUR own blog then you can also understand having to manage a conversation dominated by individuals who all think theirs is the only and right point of view. I can save you $12 a month you can open a blog like I did for FREE on Google and the SEO is automatic sorry no Bill Hartzers needed.

    Enough with the rhetoric and supposition. Roll up the sleeves Jeff, and touch the dudu we deal with so you know how much your own shit stinks

  11. Hello Owen,

    A little surprised at your reaction here.

    Like Frank Schilling I have a Blog, Did you know that?

    Its easily accessible through a link on my site

    Like frank I felt Blogging for me was less impactfull than knowing about the ropes of being a Blog Commentor. I am employing Social Playground to my and all End-Users advantage. Social platforms are a joke for true, professionals you know that Owen.

    Peace, Nameste

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  12. Hello Owen,

    I cannot understand what set your fuse off?

    Our whole purpose is to showcase our URL name and we could care less about the website. Not everybody cares about the normal looking site anyway. Its the URL name that matters, you preach this, a call to action word with a memorable Brand, whats the fuss about?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  13. Jeff, all is well till you take the Lord’s name in vein. (I worship to a God named Google. A major shareholder too, so forget the talk of a search engineless web and find another cob well to complain about).

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