Sold via Sedo, is Largest Public .AI Sale

This morning, Sedo emailed its weekly sales report, and the top reported sale was The domain name sold via Sedo for $250,000 USD. Notably, this sale transacted via SedoMLS, meaning the domain name was purchased through a partner domain registrar.

According to NameBio, the $250,000 sale of is the largest publicly reported .AI domain name sale of all time. Previously, the largest .AI sale was, which sold in late July for $127,500. Also according to NameBio, this is the fifth largest publicly reported domain name sale of the year at Sedo.

Another point of interest is that NameBio has 1,439 .AI sales indexed for 2023 (year to date) worth $2.5m USD – not including the sale of or any other sales from this week. In 2022, there were 718 total .AI domain name sales worth $878.7k USD. does not yet resolve to a functioning website. In addition, is currently registered under Whois privacy at NameSilo. This means the buyer of is not publicly known.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • I don’t think I have ever owned a .AI domain name, let alone sold one. I missed the boat but don’t plan on chasing it either.

  1. An unfortunate situation for uninformed buyers. Train crashes are a relatively common occurrence..


  2. I have several .ai names for sale including single character. So I started to market them. Site gets a lot of traffic. I believe .ai will climb to the number two spot under .com in two years as the most popular extension.

    This sets a new standard for pricing your .ai domain names.

  3. Hmmm OpenAI [.com] Open [.AI] which the most cognitive ?
    I chose: EMC2.AI Supported by the laws of physics
    TakafulExchange {.com} TakafulExchange {.AI}

  4. I registered about 100 solid one word .ai domains in 2015, as I was CTO of an AI startup in Montreal at the time and I saw the big leaps AI was making.

    Of those circa 100, at least 80 have been acquired, and I I had 5 big sales on the SEDO auction totaling collectively over 100 K USD.

    So for about 20 K in reg fees and the subsequent renewal fees, pretty substantial ROI. And I still own circa 25 gems.

    I tried to buy some .AI domains at the Expired Ai auction last week, but I dropped out after all 7 domains I was targetting eclipsed 5 k each.

    .com is still king and always will be —- .com is 85 percent of my portfolio. And I used proceeds of AI sales to buy some .com gems this week.

  5. I believe you may be right … it could reach #2. I don’t think this is an unreasonable assumption, especially with an acronymic 3 letter .ai domain fetching 250 K USD.

  6. You did amazing. I just have and that I handpicked. I’ve received about a dozen lowball bids over the years on

  7. Thanks, Tim… is a handsome domain. You’ll get a good price for that one.

    Many of my .ai domains were sold between 2017-2019 – all end users, mostly AI companies with at least Series A funding, and not for large amounts – high 4 figures to low 5 figures.

    Then with the ChatGPT mania, I started getting offers nearly every day on Afternic

    Had a nice .AI sale in May to a large corporation as in mid-5 figures, then the 5 .AI domain sales on SEDO that ended on July 7.

    I believe the initial high reg fees for .AI domains between 2015-2019 (with 2 years minimum) deterred mass registration. But there’s always risk in spending monies on a new extension.

    Will it last a while? No idea. But I also saw some stellar and sales like AiWriter.Com so we’ll see where the market goes. I also had some decent .com sales this year with AI + keyword.

    But again, I’m always buying .com domains. And we know how challenging this is, unless you’ve got a fortune. And my ai windfalls hardly add up to any fortune.

  8. correction: sedo auction ended on July 27, not July 7
    and the .ai domain sales between 2017-2019 were sold for high 4 figures to low 5 figures each – if these were .com domains, I’d wager they would have fetched high 6 figures to low 7 figures each. All top one key word .ai domains and suited for the AI sector at that time, but which has expanded since chatgpt, openai, llama and the coming of

  9. You are using a trademark name which Sedo has “Greatdomains”.ai to promote your names. Maybe your new but next time you need to do more research

  10. Another suggestion is to concentrate on domain names that end with “” or “”, such as “”. I believe these names hold significant potential.

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