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My Favorite Domain Name in Spain


I attended the ICANN Barcelona meeting and just returned home. It was nice to connect with friends and colleagues for a few days.

We did a bit of touring while there, and as usual, I was on the lookout for domain names. There were a few things I noticed while there:

  • The .Cat domain extension seemed to be quite popular. .Cat is intended to be used to promote the Catalan language and culture. It’s not a ccTLD, but that seems to be how it is used in Barcelona.
  • I also saw a mixture of .ES (Spain’s ccTLD) and .com domain names. Based on other European travels, I expected to see more .ES domain names. Maybe I was not looking hard enough.
  • I noticed one .Barcelona domain name being promoted – Jazz.Barcelona. A couple of weeks ago, we discussed whether the www. or http are necessary next to a gTLD domain name. In this case, they added the www. before the domain name:

Offer an Installment Plan


I saw a NamePros post discussing the Huge Domains installment plan option. You can see an example of the installment plan option on this domain name I randomly found on the company’s home page. I think Huge Domains is one of the largest domain portfolio operators around. I recently wrote about its parent company, Turn Commerce.

Because I have a relatively small domain portfolio when compared to other domain investors and domain investment companies, I try to emulate what other, bigger companies do. My assumption is that larger companies have more testing and experience with their domain name sales, and they deploy landing pages and offers based on their experiences. I can try and glean insight from these other companies to help my company.

With Huge Domains’ presence, I am inclined to think that many domain name buyers come across their landing pages while searching for a domain name. When they do, they would see a buy it now price along with a payment plan option. This is great for Huge Domains because they control the whole ecosystem and can facilitate a sale or payment plan. Buyers who educate

Q: What’s the Easy Way to Get $10,000 Investing in Domain Names?


Question: What’s the easiest way to get to $10,000 by investing in domain names?

Answer: Start with $20,000.

Joking around… there is no “easy way” in domain names.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂 Becomes Sexual Assault Advocacy Website


Here in the United States, federal judge Brett Kavanaugh was just sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice after a very contentious confirmation process. Unlike many politicians and \ political appointees, Justice Kavanaugh did not own his exact match domain name.

Surprisingly, it looks like was created in September of 2015 – just three short years ago. The domain name is currently registered under Whois privacy, so the registrant is not known. From what I can tell using the Whois History tool at DomainTools, it looks like the domain name has been privately registered since 2015.

I am not sure how was used before he was nominated, shortly after he was nominated, or during the confirmation process, but it is now being used as a sexual assault advocacy website, as you can see below:

The headline on the landing page is “We Believe Survivors.” There are some words shared about the confirmation process and how the issue of sexual assault came to the forefront of the public discourse. Finally, there are

Equity in a Domain Name Sale


Getting a small ownership stake in a company that wants (or needs) a domain name I own is a nice bonus. That is how I look at getting equity as part of a domain name deal. Over the years, I have been asked a few times about this, and I have also discussed this option with several prospective buyers over the years. I want to share some thoughts based on my limited experience.

Taking equity in a company when selling a domain name can be advantageous, as evidenced by Rick Schwartz reportedly earning nearly $650,000 from the sale of his equity stake in Teem. This is on top of the cash payment he received after selling the startup the domain name. We also recently learned that Dropbox offered some shares to the owner of the domain name. The owner took cash instead, and may have lost out on the potential to earn “hundreds of millions,” according to the founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston, as relayed by Andrew Allemann.

The idea of getting equity in a startup that becomes a unicorn is the stuff of dreams. I have found that it complicates deals and is more of a crapshoot than a surefire way to increase the value of a deal.

Based on my experiences, taking equity can

Domain Capital: Thank You for 10 Years of Advertising Support


I looked through to see how the design of this website has changed over the past ten+ years. Because I rebranded as from Elliot’s Blog back in 2013, I had to look at the results for as well. When I did this, I realized how much the design, fonts, colors, and even the content has changed. There is one thing that has stayed the same for over ten years now: the advertising support of Domain Capital.

My blog was started in mid-2007, and I began writing daily articles about the domain industry and my businesses in early 2008. For more than ten years, Domain Capital has been advertising on my website. The banner designs and location may have changed, but Domain Capital has been advertising since the very beginning, and I am grateful.

I am fortunate to have quite a few companies that have continued to renew their banner advertising for a few years or longer. is coming up on ten years of advertising next year, and several companies have been advertising for five years or longer. Without this advertising support, I would not be able to continue to operate this website.

Thank you to the guys at Domain Capital for continuing to advertise here. I sincerely appreciate it.

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