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Domainer Week Live and Recorded Videos

Each week, Arif Mirza organizes The Domain Social, a Zoom session for domain investors to chat about domain names and domain investing. A couple of weeks ago, Arif announced a special series of panels and discussions dubbed “Domainer Week.” This series started a few days ago, and it will continue for the next few days.

To see the schedule of upcoming panels, you can visit Since several of these panels were already held, you can click the embedded links to be taken to videos of the panels that already occurred. There are a couple that I am planning to watch when I have a moment.

How I Track my Domain Name Portfolio

My domain name portfolio has grown to around 1,400 domain names. This is approximately 3x the amount of domain names I owned a few years ago. To keep track of my domain names, I use a pretty simple tool – Microsoft Excel.

My Excel file to track inventory is super simple. On the top row, I have the following headers bolded: Domain Name, Purchase Price, and Year Acquired. In the first column on the left side, I have all of the domain names listed.

Triple E Sale: “Transaction is cancelled”

In a tweet this morning, NameBio reported that the valuable domain name was sold via Flippa for $50k:

Hilco Streambank Looking to Hire Domain Business Leader

Hilco Streambank posted a job opening on LinkedIn that might appeal to someone with domain industry experience and expertise. Hilco is looking to hire a Domain Business Leader. The person will help the company build a domain name brokerage business and will help manage the domain name assets of the company and its clients.

Hilco Streambank specializes in the sale of assets owned by companies going through bankruptcy proceedings. I wrote about one of the company’s domain name bankruptcy auctions earlier this year after winning Hilco has sold many domain names in this manner, and the company also manages its own portfolio of domain names.

Here’s an excerpt from the LinkedIn job listing describing what the company does and what the company is seeking in a candidate for this position:

Selling a Domain Name During LTO Deal on

One of the features of is that buyers can utilize a lease to own (LTO) payment plan to buy a domain name over a set period of time. Each month, the buyer makes a payment for the domain name until the domain name is paid-off in full. Payment plans can be as short as a few months or as long as five years. The TOS covers some of the prohibitions

I’ve been under the impression that a LTO buyer can not actively sell a domain name before the purchase is paid in full. Outbound marketing of a domain name can be risky. For instance, attempting to sell a 3 letter .com domain name to a company that uses the 3 letters as its acronym or brand can lead to the company filing a UDRP or ACPA lawsuit. The company could cite the outbound email pitch as proof of bad faith registration.

“There is so much value in a good domain name.”

Jeremy Parker is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a business that sells “custom promotional products that people actually want to keep.” The domain name appears to have been acquired sometime in 2015, and the company was founded by Parker and Josh Orbach in 2016. I previously wrote about and shared a bit of history about the sale of the domain name in 2018.

Yesterday afternoon on LinkedIn, Jeremy Parker posted an update on LinkedIn about domain names and the value they can bring to a company:

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