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Scott Wagner on Howard Lindzon’s Podcast

Former GoDaddy CEO Scott Wagner was the guest on Howard Lindzon’s Panic with Friends podcast. In addition to being an author, Howard is an angel investor, fund manager, and co-founder of StockTwits. His insights are always worth considering, and I enjoy listening to people like him talking about domain names. Scott served as CEO of GoDaddy prior to Ahman Bhutani. He left the company in 2019 due to undisclosed health reasons.

The podcast, embedded below, is not solely focused on domain names. According to Howard’s description of the episode, “In this episode, Scott and I talk about his career path, the domain industry, the state of the markets, content syndication, ecommerce, digital real estate, SPACs, Scottsdale National, branding and more.”

I have not had time to listen to the podcast yet, but I will when I have some free time.

Namecheap Launches Website Builder

During the NamesCon conference today, Namecheap announced that it launched its website builder, Visual, which can be found on the brand match The news was shared by Namecheap’s Teddy Worcester, and since the news wasn’t announced via press release or through the Namecheap Twitter account, I am going to assume this was a soft launch:

Clarivate: “Security the Biggest Challenge in Domain Management”

Clarivate, one of the leading brand protection and corporate domain name management companies, published its 2021 domain trends report. Domain investors are likely most familiar with Clarivate’s MarkMonitor brand. According to a press release published by the company, 1,100 decision makers in the IT, legal, and marketing fields contributed to the report by responding to the company’s survey.

According to the report, the company’s research “reveals that domain security is the biggest challenge in domain management.” Perhaps more interestingly, the company shared that “organizations are grasping the commercial potential and strategic value of new gTLDs.”

Clarivate’s domain trends report is free to download on its website, but it requires people to complete an information form before being granted access to download the report. While this report is geared towards a corporate audience, I would imagine domain investors could benefit from reading it since corporate domain name decisions and strategies often impact investors and domain names in general.

The press release with higher level observations is below:

Initial thoughts on Clubhouse

I signed up for an account (@elliots) on the new Clubhouse app yesterday (thanks, Andrew), and I spent some time using it over the last couple of days. It is neat to be able to jump into an audio chatroom spanning all sorts of topics and listen to people share thoughts, opinions, and banter on a variety of topics.

After spending a bit of time in various domain investment related discussion rooms, I want to share some very initial thoughts on Clubhouse at it relates to domain investing. You are welcome to share your thoughts as well: Someone Trolling Ted Cruz

I was visiting random websites last night, when I came across Ok, I kid, but these two tweets popped up on my timeline, and I apprehensively clicked through after reading some of the replies:

Sale History of Parler Domain Name

The Parler social platform has been in the news quite a bit lately because many of President Donald Trump’s biggest supporters have either moved their social media presence to Parler or have added accounts there. Under pressure from various service providers, the domain name recently transferred to Epik. It is unclear what other services, beyond domain registration, Epik is providing to Parler, if any.

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