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YCombinator Summer 2020 Domain Name Stats

YCombinator is a startup incubator that provides funding for early stage startups who apply to participate. Each year, YCombinator invests in two large groups of startups, dividing into Winter and Summer groups. The Summer (S20) group was recently revealed, and I thought it would be interesting to evaluate what domain names these startups have chosen to use.

There are 126 companies listed under S20, and 125 of the 126 had domain names listed. Notably, it appears that there were more companies than the 126 listed companies that participated in the two Demo days this week. I am not sure why there is a discrepancy, but I only looked at the 126 companies listed under S20 on the YCombinator website.

Hi, Andrew – Caption This

It looks like Andrew Rosener is enjoying himself this weekend. I thought it might be fun to caption this photo Andrew shared on Twitter:

Roller Coaster Ride of Domain Investing

I was chatting with a friend last week, and he asked about how business has been for me during the pandemic. Thankfully, business has been fairly strong, all things considered. Discussing things at a high level, I told them business had been moderately slow for me in the early Spring but it bounced back in July. While it is unusual for me to see very strong sales numbers in July, it is not unusual to have ebbs and flows throughout the year.

Tucows Job: Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Domains

I saw a job opportunity posted on LinkedIn that might be of interest to a domain industry professional. Tucows is looking to hire someone for the position of Senior Product Marketing Manager – Domains. The job will be based out of the company’s Toronto, Canada office, although I am unsure if Tucows employees have returned to the office due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s an excerpt from the job listing about the job opportunity:

Created in 2017, for Sale for $99,999

Former Vice President and current Democratic candidate for US President Joe Biden has selected US Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate: Forwarding to Landing Page

It looks like someone is getting creative with a politically charged domain name. If you were to type in, you will end up on a landing page featuring information about Absentee and Early Voting. Given the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing the United States, a great deal of Americans will choose to use absentee ballots during the Presidential election in November.

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