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No Limit Creatives Upgrades to

No Limit Creatives is a graphic and video design firm that was founded in 2018. The company uses the NLC acronym in its marketing efforts, and it has used the domain name for its web presence. In early July, No Limit Creatives acquired Shortly thereafter, it began using for its website.

While the price of the domain name will remain private, I can say it was acquired for six figures. The domain name was acquired via GoDaddy. Brian Winegar, a Partner Sales Executive at GoDaddy, was the broker who negotiated the deal to its conclusion.

Jeff Minnichbach, Founder of No Limit Creatives, shared his rationale for the acquisition and upgrade:

Clubhouse Announces Rebrand to Shortcut

Clubhouse has announced that it will be undergoing a rebranding due to brand confusion with the other Clubhouse. The company that operates its website on the domain name announced that it will be rebranding as Shortcut. The company appears to have been able to acquire in advance of the rebranding news (Whois is private, so I can not independently confirm).

Clubhouse announced the news today on Twitter:

Overcoming Boredom

There are moments of pure excitement with the world of domain investing. Winning a competitive auction, receiving a domain name sale payment email from a domain name marketplace, confirming an inbound or outbound domain name transfer, an inquiry or offer from a qualified prospect, and a fruitful negotiation with a tough counterpart. I am sure there are more, but you get the picture.

Beyond these sometimes fleeting moments, there is a great deal of boredom in the domain space. There is only so much time that can be spent seeking out domain names to buy, bidding on domain names, and negotiating sales. A great deal of the day to day domain investment management activity is pretty boring to me.

Initial Thoughts on the Update

I have been excited about “ 2.0” which has been in the works for quite some time. The company launched the newest iteration of its platform a week ago, and I have had some time to poke around over the last week

Dan has been an advertiser on my blog, and I slowly started listing names on the platform a little over a year ago. I’ve sold quite a few domain names there, and as a result, I now list nearly all of my inventory-quality domain names on Dan in addition to quite a few of my highest value domain names. I appreciate that Dan is an advertiser here, but Dan has earned my business by producing domain name sales results.

After spending some time checking out the back end of the Dan platform as well as looking at the landing pages, I want to share a few thoughts about it:

Forwarding Domain Names to Your LinkedIn Profile

I noticed that a few domain investors forward at least some of their higher value domain names to their LinkedIn profile. I think this is a neat idea for a multitude of reasons.

When someone visits another person’s LinkedIn profile, the person whose page was visited will be able to see who visited unless the visitor has a paid account and chooses to browse anonymously. I would venture a guess that most people do not.

By forwarding a domain name to the owner’s LinkedIn profile, the owner will be able to get an idea of who is visiting. This, importantly, includes representatives from companies with that name. It also includes startup founders seeking out domain names for their company.

DropCatch Should Create a Daily Active Auction Email

Just about every afternoon, I receive an email from with the subject, “Daily Auction Results.” The email lists the domain names I bid on but lost in auctions that ended that day. This email isn’t very useful, particularly because the sale price is not disclosed, but I do find myself occasionally saying, “shit, that auction ended today?”

Instead of sending an email with auction results, DropCatch customers might be better served by receiving an Active Auction email. This email would be helpful if it included the domain names customers are bidding on along with the current auction price and auction end date.

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