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After Acquisition, Packet Acquired for $335 Million

One of the comparable sales I use when someone inquiries about select one word .com domain names in my portfolio (like is the $350,000 sale of Braden Pollock sold the domain name in 2018 in an all-cash deal. Packet acquired the domain name right around the time the company secured a $25 million Series B round of funding. The company had previously raised a $9.4 million Series A round of funding.

Yesterday afternoon, Crunchbase news reported that Packet was acquired by a company called Equinix:

Yellow Pages Canada Hiring Domain Name Specialist

Yellow Pages Canada posted a job opportunity on LinkedIn that might be of interest to someone with domain name experience, particularly those whose roles included customer service and support. Yellow Pages Canada is looking to hire a Domain Name Specialist in its Burnaby, Canada office.

Here’s what the Domain Name Specialist job functionality will be:

Story Behind Domain Name

Yesterday, I published an article about, a hashtag match domain name that was registered and developed into an informational website in a short period of time. I thought it was neat that an exact match domain name like this was being operated by an expert who is sharing useful and timely information rather than sitting with pay per click advertising.

Sean Markey, who I had the pleasure of meeting at NamesCon this year, alerted me that there was a bit more to the story than I could have known when I published my article:

Julie McMurry, who is operating the website, confirmed Sean’s involvement in the website:

Sean emailed me to share a behind the scenes look at how went from a domain registration to an active website within hours. In addition, he shared that the site has seen over 300,000 pageviews in the last few days! Here’s the story Sean shared with me that he okayed for publication:

#FlattenTheCurve –

The hashtag “#FlattenTheCurve” has been trending on Twitter of late. The idea behind the “flatten the curve” saying is that by flattening the coronavirus infection curve, essentially delaying some cases, it will go a long way to helping fragile healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed by new patients who become sick with Coronavirus infections.

Typically when a hashtag is trending, someone scoops up the matching domain name. Sometimes the domain name is put up for sale, and other times the name is somehow monetized. For #FlattenTheCurve, it looks like the matching was just registered, and it looks like it is in the right hands.

Video: Amanda Waltz Discusses Domain Acquisitions

Over the last several years, I have noticed several high profile domain name acquisitions and was able to learn with a level of confidence that Amanda Waltz was the buyer’s domain broker. It usually happens when I detect a domain name has changed hands and track it back to a person or entity I know has done business with Amanda in the past. Much more often than not, Amanda wouldn’t confirm her involvement or share any details, but my intuition says she has been involved in many large domain name acquisitions.

Amanda and Jeffrey Gabriel recently founded and launched, a domain name brokerage that works on behalf of domain name buyers and sellers. For instance, is now brokering domain names on behalf of Future Media Architects.

Earlier this morning, shared a video of Amanda discussing domain name acquisitions. It’s worth a watch to understand why companies utilize a domain broker to acquire a domain name and how domain name buyer brokers work on behalf of clients to acquire domain names:

My Thoughts on How the Coronavirus Will Impact Domain Investors

I think the biggest issue facing domain investors right now and at least in the next few months is the coronavirus outbreak. I am hopeful that you and your significant others will not be impacted by the virus, but I think the virus is going to impact the entire business of domain investing and domain name sales.

In the very near term, I believe people and companies aren’t really focused on buying domain names. In the next few months, I believe businesses will decrease their capital spending, which probably means fewer domain name acquisitions. As the general economic conditions deteriorate due to coronavirus-related contraction, entrepreneurs and others will be focused on decreasing their spend and consolidating when possible.

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