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“One of the Best Domain Name Related Interviews I’ve Seen”

Andrew Rosener and his Domain Sherpa team published a video interview with Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor. Microstrategy is the publicly traded company that sold for $30 million last year – the largest all-cash domain name sale of all time. Michael is a big believer in the value of domain names, and he previously shared his opinion about how valuable domain names are.

Andrew has been talking about how great this interview is since he recorded it, and you don’t have to take his word (or mine) for it. Longtime domain investor (and all around nice guy) Brian Null wrote, “I’m only 16 minutes into the interview and it’s already one of the best domain name related interviews I’ve seen… absolute gold. Forwards to Demand Justice Website

According to many news outlets, Judge Amy Coney Barrett could become Donald Trump’s nominee to become a Justice on the United States Supreme Court following the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As you might imagine, many Democrats are very upset at this prospect.

Gif Your Best Domain Name

Jen Sale from had a fun idea this evening that I haven’t seen before on Twitter:

Go ahead and tell her your best domain name, and she will find a fun or funny Twitter gif to match.

GoDaddy Shares the Success Story of

Peter Askew has done well with, building a successful e-commerce website selling Vidalia onions after winning the domain name in an expiry auction. As a customer, I like how easy is to use and buy onions, and as a colleague, I appreciate how much effort went into building and launching this successful website and business.

As part of GoDaddy’s keynote presentation at this year’s NamesCon Global conference, GoDaddy visited the farm where sources its onions. They spent the day with Peter and farmer Aries Haygood to learn about the business operations and growth of the vidalia onion business.

The video can be found embedded in the GoDaddy tweet below:

“We have always lusted after the dot com”

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote about the domain names used by YCombinator’s group of Summer 2020 startups. The majority (by a hair) of companies use .com domain names for their websites, although this figure is likely down from previous years as mentioned by Doron Vermaat. One startup on the list that has its brand match .com domain name is Roboflow, a company that was founded in 2019.

Roboflow founder Brad Dwyer replied to a tweet to mention that his company recently published an article about how it acquired its brand match .com domain name after initially launching on a matching .AI domain name:

Joe Biden Trolls Donald Trump with

One of President Donald Trump’s campaign slogans for his 2020 re-election campaign is “Keep America Great.” It looks like former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for US President, is trolling the Trump campaign with the domain name:

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