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Selling a Domain Name During LTO Deal on

One of the features of is that buyers can utilize a lease to own (LTO) payment plan to buy a domain name over a set period of time. Each month, the buyer makes a payment for the domain name until the domain name is paid-off in full. Payment plans can be as short as a few months or as long as five years. The TOS covers some of the prohibitions

I’ve been under the impression that a LTO buyer can not actively sell a domain name before the purchase is paid in full. Outbound marketing of a domain name can be risky. For instance, attempting to sell a 3 letter .com domain name to a company that uses the 3 letters as its acronym or brand can lead to the company filing a UDRP or ACPA lawsuit. The company could cite the outbound email pitch as proof of bad faith registration.

“There is so much value in a good domain name.”

Jeremy Parker is the Co-Founder and CEO of, a business that sells “custom promotional products that people actually want to keep.” The domain name appears to have been acquired sometime in 2015, and the company was founded by Parker and Josh Orbach in 2016. I previously wrote about and shared a bit of history about the sale of the domain name in 2018.

Yesterday afternoon on LinkedIn, Jeremy Parker posted an update on LinkedIn about domain names and the value they can bring to a company:

I Appreciate Jamie Zoch

Jamie Zoch has uncovered more domain name sales and transactions than just about anyone I know. He has access to the same tools I use, yet he finds far more interesting domain name registrant changes and domain name moves than me. I’ve used Jamie’s tweets as a source for many articles, and I appreciate the work he puts into discovering interesting bits of information and data about domain names.

Jamie doesn’t update his blog any longer, and most of his findings are shared on his Twitter page. As a result, it is not easy for him to monetize the data and information he shares. People have asked about sending him gifts as a means of showing appreciation, and Jamie tweeted about how people can do this:

Where the Public Million Dollar Domain Names are Registered

This past weekend, George Kirikos shared that he had discovered a seven figure domain name sale that had not ben disclosed before. According to a SEC filing, was acquired for $1,820,000. George wrote about the domain name sale on his blog. I also added the sale to the list of recent one word .com domain name sales.

On Twitter, George suggested that it would be interesting to see where domain names that were (publicly) sold for one million or more are currently registered.

I also thought that would be neat to see, and it would be fairly easy to do.

I started by searching NameBio for all public million dollar plus domain name sales and downloaded them into a CSV file. This was easy because I have a paid NameBio account, allowing me to search sales data and download reports like this. I then used the bulk Whois search tool at DomainIQ using my paid account. Among other attributes of the Whois records, I am able to see where each domain name is registered.

Here is the registrar information for the publicly reported million dollar domain name sales found on NameBio:

Domain Investor Spends More than $500k on BAYC Ape

According to a tweet from Hiren Patel, a domain investor has spent more than $500,000 to purchase a Bored Ape Yacht Club Ape. The golden ape is part of the BAYC NFT series that has become quite popular during the past few months. Several domain investors I know have purchased BAYC apes. Hiren shared the news in a tweet:

.com Price Increase Coming September 1

Earlier this year, it was announced that Verisign will be increasing the wholesale cost for .com domain name registrations and renewals (this includes domain name transfers). The price increase will be implemented in less than a month on September 1, 2021. Verisign has the contract to operate and manage the registry for .com domain names.

The wholesale cost, paid to Verisign by domain registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap, will be raised to $8.39/year. The current cost is $7.85/year. The wholesale price does not include the domain registrar’s mark-up, nor does it include the additional $.18 fee charged by ICANN.

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