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Trove Becomes Pave After Payfone Becomes Prove

Over the Summer, I wrote about a major rebrand involving an exceptional one word .com domain name. A company called Payfone rebranded as Prove, and it acquired the matching domain name at the time of the rebrand. The company formerly known as Payfone also owned an additional exceptional one word .com domain name –

I read a press release yesterday announcing another rebrand that I found interesting. A startup called Trove, which had been operating on the off-brand .CO domain name, TryTrove.CO, announced a rebrand to Pave. The rebrand announcement came as the business announced that “it raised $16 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).” Smartly, the company acquired in advance of the launch and now has the brand match .com domain name along with the new branding.

Thankful for These Domain Tools

There is not one perfect domain industry tool that does everything I need. In fact, there are quite a few tools I use regularly, often in conjunction with each other. I use many of these tools to better my domain portfolio, and I use some of these tools for blog-related industry research. I am thankful for all of these tools I use nearly every day:

Keeping Status Quo is Difficult

Since the middle of the Summer, things have been running smoothly for my business. While sales have been solid, it remains difficult to find deals on private acquisitions. Auction prices remain higher than I would like, and I have been more actively buying pending delete domain names as a result. For my business, maintaining the status quo is probably the right move, but it is difficult for me.

Network Solutions Error Impacting Domain Names


This afternoon, I went in to my Network Solutions account to unlock a domain name and request an authorization code. While there, I noticed had the NS1.PENDINGRENEWALDELETION.COM NS2.PENDINGRENEWALDELETION.COM nameservers the company uses when a domain name is expired. I won in August at NameJet.

I thought perhaps this was my issue and I had not updated the nameservers. It is rare, but sometimes this type of thing happens if I was busy when the name was provisioned to my account. I went to change the nameservers, and I got this error message when I attempted to change the nameservers: “The selected domain name is expired and must be renewed before you can make this change.

What Domain Name Would You Love to Develop?

Drew Wash posted a question on Twitter that I think is worth discussing further. Drew asked what domain name in your portfolio you would love to develop, your current asking price, and how much it would need to earn monthly that you wouldn’t opt to sell the domain name for 10x the asking price.

Drew shared that his domain name is, which currently has an asking price of $48,000:

If I were to choose one of my domain names to develop it would be The asking price is very high so I won’t bother posting it here, but I would love to build a travel related website on and share reviews and thoughts from around the world.

This would be the type of website that is built without a revenue model in place but eventually gains traction and followers, and that would allow me to figure out how to monetize it. If I started earning $5,000 a month, the price would be substantially higher if I was even willing to sell it at that point.

How about you?

No Win Scenario with is a domain name that has been owned by The Trump Organization since 2008. From what I can tell using, the domain name has not been used for an active website in that time, and instead, the domain name has either had nothing resolve or had the default GoDaddy landing page.

A few days ago, Salon published an article about the renewal of the domain name, Trump Organization renewed the domain name — this year:

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