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One of the neat things about domain investing is the number of ways people can make money from their domain investments. I have always been strictly a .com investor, and that has worked for me. There are plenty of other people who are creating their own investment strategies, and they are finding their own success.

I want to highlight two examples of people I do not know personally, but I have seen them share stories of successful domain investing.

I follow Jason Sheppard on Twitter, and I appreciate his willingness to share details about his domain name sales. This morning, he shared that he sold $4,999 via This is a domain name that he registered just a handful of months ago, and he reported that he is now in the money on his .VC domain name investments:

eBay Motors + Integration

Several years ago, I regularly referred people to an article published on the eBay Motors website that endorsed In fact, I would say the language made it even stronger than an endorsement. I no longer see the page on the eBay Motors website, but I did a bit of research from when I previously sent people the link, and I think this is the copy that was posted before the page was removed:

Mmhmm.App…. Hmmmmmmm

The Verge published an article about a teleconferencing startup that recently raised 7 figures in funding and its name made me think, “hmmmmmmm.” The startup app is called Mmhmm, and it uses the Mmhmm.App domain name for its website. Personally, I think the brand name is pretty confusing and the domain name exacerbates that confusion a bit.

Here’s what The Verge wrote about the app and its funding round:

Brandsight Job Opening: Account Executive

Brandsight is looking to hire someone in an Account Executive role, according to a job opening posted recently on LinkedIn. Because GoDaddy acquired Brandsight earlier this year, the job listing is under the GoDaddy branding. This is a work from home remote job (at least for the time being), and the location is the United States or United Kingdom.

Here’s the description of what the job entails: Wins Supreme Court TM Case has won its trademark case at the United States Supreme Court. The 8-1 decision was written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Justice Stephen Breyer was the lone dissenting Justice. You can read the PDF decision on the Supreme Court website.

The company will now have trademark protection for its full brand, including the .com domain name extension. The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) filed an Amicus brief as part of this case.

Other Amazon Arena Name Possibilities

Last week, Amazon announced it had secured the naming rights for the new arena in Seattle, Washington that would be home to a new NHL team and the WNBA’s Seattle Storm. Amazon also announced the new arena would be known as Climate Pledge Arena.

Amazon registered the matching domain name on the same day the news was announced. The company must have had great trust that the news would not leak out before the announcement was made publicly.

Interestingly, I also noticed the company registered quite a few other arena related domain names in the last few days via my DomainTools Registrant Monitor tool. Perhaps this is in anticipation of a potential future name change, or perhaps the company is just covering its bases.

Here is a sample of the different domain names Amazon has registered, keeping in mind this is not an exhaustive list but just some of the names:

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