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Spaceship Launches on ProductHunt

Spaceship, an independent domain registrar created and launched by Namecheap, is now featured on Product Hunt, the company announced this morning:

One of the things I have been asked multiple times is what Spaceship brings to the table that sets itself apart from Namecheap. In a blog post published today, the company attempts to answer that question by sharing its mission:

Reasons Against Domain Registrar Front Running

Domain registrar front running is when a domain registrar tracks the domain name searches its customers perform, and when the customer does not register the domain name, the registrar registers it. The registrar would then attempt to sell the domain name back to the customer at an inflated price or would prevent the person from registering the domain name at a different registrar. TechCrunch published an article about front running back in 2008.

Over the years and since that time, I have seen dozens of public complaints about domain registrars reportedly front running domain names. I have also received quite a few private emails about this along with blog comments accusing registrars of doing this.

There are numerous reasons for why it doesn’t make much sense for a domain registrar to front run its customers. Over the weekend, Marc Köhlbrugge shared why it is not likely to happen:

Spaceship Now Has 100k DUM is a domain registrar launched by Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall. The website, which was seeking beta testers last November, launched in beta a few months ago. According to its Founder, the registrar is growing pretty quickly with more than 100,000 domain names under management (DUM):

InternetBS Integrates ChatGPT Into Search

I wrote about GoDaddy’s ChatGPT plugin, which is available to OpenAI subscribers within the confines of the ChatGT platform. At the present time, users must be ChatGPT subscribers and they must be on the ChatGPT website in order to use the GoDaddy plugin.

It is my assumption that GoDaddy and other registrars already or will integrate ChatGPT results within their own searches. In fact, today I heard from a representative from CentralNic who shared that its retail website has already integrated ChatGPT within its search functionality. Visitors to can choose to search with or without ChatGPT assistance.

You can see the ChatGPT toggle on the search box:

Sav Down for Planned Improvements

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Sav announcing that there is some expected downtime coming for updates to its website. Sav expects its website to be down on August 21st from 4pm to 9pm CST (9pm to 2am UTC). Here’s the email message I received from the company:

Price for .com Rising Again in September

In February of this year, Verisign announced that the wholesale price for .com domain names will be rising by 7% on September 1, 2022. The wholesale cost, which is paid by domain registrars like Namecheap and GoDaddy, will be raised from $8.39 to $8.97. Domain registrars add their own margin to that amount, and the total is what domain registrants pay to register, renew, and transfer .com domain names.

For domain investors, this additional 7% fee can be impactful depending on the size of a domain portfolio. Andrew Rosener tweeted a good reminder for investors who may have forgotten about the looming price increase:

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