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ROTD Online Auction Extended and More Names Added

I received an email from Right of the Dot yesterday announcing the online portion of their domain name auction has been extended. The auction was originally supposed to conclude this week, but it was extended to March 11th.

In addition to the extension, some new domain names have been added to the auction and at least some of the unsold domain names from the live auction were reopened for bidding.

Below is an extract from the email I received yesterday evening announcing the news. If you have any questions about the auction, you should contact ROTD:

My Favorite Aspect of Domain Investing

Every morning, regardless of whether I am at home or traveling, I spend time reviewing upcoming domain name auctions. Looking at domain names coming up for auction while drinking my coffee is one of the only things in my routine that doesn’t change, and I think it is my favorite aspect of domain investing. It is exciting to discover hidden gem domain names, and it is fun to strategize about bidding strategy.

Each morning, I review several lists of upcoming domain auctions. There are expiry auctions, deleted domain auctions, and some private domain name auctions. Here are the primary sources I use to find domain names of interest that are coming up for auction: Sold for $2.5m; for $1.6m at ROTD Auction (Updated) has been sold for $2.5 million at today’s Right of the Dot live domain name auction. was the next domain name up for auction, and that domain name was sold for $1.6 million. Based on the location information shown on the bidding page, the winning bidder appears to be the same for both of these auctions.

List of ROTD Live Auction Domain Names


Right of the Dot is hosting an independent live domain name auction today at 12pm Central (1pm Eastern). The auction is being run on the platform in conjunction with auctioneer Wayne Wheat calling out domain names in a live auction format. Preregistration is a requirement of bidding on the platform.

Right of the Dot founder Monte Cahn shared the final list of 108 domain names that are included in today’s live auction:

ROTD Live Auction: Domain Names Now Open for Bidding

As I shared a couple of week ago, Right of the Dot (ROTD) is hosting a live domain name auction with well-known auctioneer Wayne Wheat at the helm. The live portion of the auction will be held on February 25, 2021 at 12:00 PM CST. Bidding will be hosted on the HiBid auction platform.

According to a LinkedIn post by ROTD founder Monte Cahn, the domain names in the auction are now listed on the HiBid platform, and bidding has opened:

Right of the Dot to Host Domain Auction in February


Right of the Dot, the domain name industry company founded by Monte Cahn, announced it will be running a live, independently-operated domain name auction at the end of February. This auction is unrelated to the NamesCon auction that is being hosted by GoDaddy later on this month. Monte and his company have managed domain industry auctions for more than 15 years.

A press release with details about the auction was published this afternoon. Here is a brief excerpt with the most important details about the auction:

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