Domain Auctions Sells for Six Figures in Expiry Auction

The domain name expired in mid-October, and the domain name went to auction at GoDaddy Auctions. The auction for this 24 year old 3 letter .com domain name ended this afternoon, and was sold for $126,000: in Pending Delete Status


‘”OK Boomer” is a catchphrase and internet meme that gained popularity throughout 2019, used to dismiss or mock attitudes stereotypically attributed to the baby boomer generation.’Wikipedia

The term “OK Boomer” has become hugely popular in the last few weeks. It has become such a popular phrase over the prior weeks that the New York Times published an article about the impact of the “OK Boomer” catchphrase. This Google Trends graph shows how the popularity of this term jumped out of nowhere in October of this year:

Sedo Auction Results

Sedo held a special auction this past week featuring four letter .com domain names. The auction concluded earlier this afternoon, and the results of the auction are below.

In total, 83 domain names were sold for a total value of around $40,000 USD. The sales have not yet closed, so they should be considered tentative until Sedo reports them publicly.

Sedo’s auction results (November 2019):

GoDaddy Auction Results Do Not Impact GoDaddy Appraisal

I have been curious about how GoDaddy’s appraisals change once an auction on its GoDaddy Auction platform closes. I am curious to see if the appraised value goes down since most auctions close below the appraised value, and the majority likely close considerably below that figure. The difference between appraised value and the auction sale price is expected since auctions are generally wholesale purchases while appraisals should align closer with the retail value of a domain name.

10 Recent Domain Name Buys for Less than $100 at GoDaddy Auctions

It’s hard to find good values at expiry auctions these days. There is a lot of competition, and the sale prices have continued to climb over the last few years. Perhaps we have seen a plateau in expiry auction prices, but I don’t follow enough auctions to really say if that is the case with any degree of certainty. is Largest Sale of 2019 on NameJet closed in a public auction on NameJet yesterday. The domain name sold for $83,817 USD. There were 197 bids placed by 129 bidders in this auction. The domain name was sold by a private seller rather than in a more typical expiry auction.

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