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Dam It! GoDaddy Auction Appraisals Different Than GoValue Tool

I was looking at NamePros this morning when I saw a thread started by Raymond Hackney that discussed changing GoDaddy Appraisals. You should have a look at Raymond’s article and the entire NamePros thread to get some background. Personally, I think automated appraisals should regularly change as comparable sales are indexed. Domain name values are dynamic in nature.

More Expiries Due to Furloughs and Layoffs?

I noticed a high profile domain name hit the expiry stream recently. The domain name is owned by a pretty big company, and if it is not renewed within the next several days, it will be auctioned to the highest bidder. When I saw the domain name in auction, I started to wonder if we will see more high profile domain name expiries due to corporate layoffs and furloughs at companies throughout the world.

5 Million+ Page Views for an Expiring Domain Name?

I was looking through GoDaddy Auctions this morning when I came across a domain name with estimated traffic statistics that stood out to me. According to the GoDaddy Auctions listing, reportedly has 5,068,713 “Estimated monthly pageviews.” The “Estimated monthly revenue” is listed at $4.00 USD. There have been over 600 visits to the auction listing, and it has a high bid of $510. Sells for $43,000 on GoDaddy Auctions recently expired, and the auction for the domain name at GoDaddy Auctions concluded early this afternoon. The domain name sold for $43,000. There were a total of 164 bids were placed by 23 bidders during the course of the auction. A couple of weeks ago, Peter Askew mention this domain auction in a tweet, which is what drew my attention to the domain name:

“Fraudulent Bidder” on

I received an email from the support email address at informing me about a “fraudulent bidder” that was caught bidding on domain names. Apparently, the bidder impacted an auction I was bidding on, and the auction is going to be restarted. I am not sure which auction it was since that was not mentioned in the email.

Without mentioning the domain name, I can only assume I was not the winning bidder. I don’t think this would be an appropriate means of communication to let me know a name I won is going to be re-auctioned. If that were the case, I would hope they would give me the option of a refund up to the amount the bidder bid up my auction – or at least give me the opportunity to refuse the re-auction since that might drive up the price again.

Great Domains Results: Bier.DE Sold for 149,000 EUR (Updated)

The Great Domains monthly auction hosted by Sedo ended this afternoon. Bier.DE sold for 149,000 EUR, which is approximately $161,000 USD at today’s exchange rate. In addition to this sale, 5 other domain names sold for five figures each, with the $18,500 sale of KTG and the $15,000 sale of also leading the pack. A total of 24 domain names were sold in this month’s auction.

Once the sale of Bier.DE closes, it will rank as the second largest .DE sale in the last 5 years, according to NameBio. Kaffee.DE sold for $237,474 in 2017. This sale will also rank as the second largest public ccTLD sale of the year, behind the sale of, which sold for $205,000 last month (per DNJournal).

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