Benefits of Premium Domain Names Video by Heritage Auctions


Aron Meystedt shared this video with me, and I want to share it with you. The video that was created by Heritage Auctions to educate its clientele about domain names and why they might be interested in spending significant sums of money to buy the best domain names. I would imagine a good portion of HA’s clients are well-educated and savvy investors, and this video may shed some light onto the value of investing in exceptional domain names.

According to Meystedt, the video “covers most of the important aspects of domains for investment or business use.” I think creating and sharing a video like this is a smart move by HA.

What do you think? Is there anything that should be added?

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  1. Interesting – but Mr. Meystedt really should learn the meaning of ‘generic’ – “A generic domain name is a word or set of words that is commonly found in the dictionary, such as or ”

    What Mr Meystedt was calling ‘generic’ were in fact ‘brandable’ names – “Brandable domain names are simple, catchy words or phrases that businesses use to build their online identity around. Most of the time they are real words so they are easy to remember, such as Amazon, Twitter, or Yahoo, but oftentimes they are made up but equally simple and catchy, such as Zynga or Google.”

    IMHO it undermines his credibility when he makes such a basic error.

    Definitions courtesy of

  2. There is definitely a lot to really like about this video, with nice production value and some really nice appealing effects as well. Many three-word, four-word and some even longer .com’s are also among the best of the best and worth five, six, and even seven figures, so if Aron is going to redo this video because of the “generic” issue then I hope he also expands the really narrow focus there on “short” and “two words” to definitely include that wider range. A whole lot of short and two-word .com’s are even practically worthless compared to the best three-word, four-word and some even longer .com’s, and even some ccTLD’s in that length.

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