Apartment.in is Largest Sale at Sedo’s .IN Auction


Sedo hosted an auction for .IN ccTLD domain names in conjunction with the WHD.India and NamesCon India conferences. The auction concluded today, and 23 .IN domain names were sold.

The largest sale in the auction was Apartment.in for $9,950. This was followed by Big.in for $4,999 and Get.in for $3,800. In total, just over $36,000 USD worth of domain names were sold. Based on some of the names that were sold (all of which are listed below), I would imagine some of these domain names could be used as “domain hacks” rather than for users targeting India-based companies.

Because the auctions just concluded today, these sales have not yet closed. Once payments for the domain names have been received, Sedo will report the sales publicly.

In other Sedo news today, Sedo broker Dave Evanson reported the sale of NOM.com for $86,500.

Here are the domain names that were sold in the .IN auction at Sedo:

apartment.in $US 9950
big.in $US 4999
get.in $US 3800
blogs.in $US 2500
funny.in $US 2000
gas.in $US 1950
forsale.in $US 1500
cashmere.in $US 1450
vision.in $US 1200
pal.in EUR 1049
tom.in EUR 1049
citybreaks.in $US 800
cigarette.in $US 750
fest.in EUR 500
pgl.in $US 499
bdm.in $US 499
nmf.in $US 451
bkr.in EUR 399
fantastic.in $US 310
employed.in $US 250
belly.in GBP 161
printings.in $US 150
fellowship.in $US 119


  1. Curious – do these domains have more value as country-specific (India) or as domain hacks or like other country extensions such as .at, ai, .me, .tv. .It is more valuable as a country-specific extension (Italy) than as a hack. IMO

    • Apartment is a good example, imagine India’s real estate market and the apartments that get listed and sold every year. Its a steal in my opinion.
      Average selling price of apartments in big cities in India is roughly $100K for a 2/3 bedroom. Non premium location

      So yes, I think its more valuable for the country rather than a hack

  2. The “steal” is this post is not apartment.in but nom.com.

    Who in their right mind would sell for $86K and domain that’s worth AT LEAST 10X that?!!! And that’s before the broker fee I imagine. So $70K or abouts? A pittance in the domaining world.

    Again, another example of people not getting it.

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