.Club Releasing 4,500 Domain Names


In a blog post published this morning, the .Club registry announced that it will be releasing 4,500 domain names tomorrow. These domain names were previously reserved by the registry, and as such, they were only available to purchase by working out a deal directly with the registry.

The domain names that are being released include one and two word phrases as well as some shorter two and three character domain names. The full list of 4,500 domain names can be downloaded via the .Club blog post. Some examples cited are University.Club, Varsity.Club, and Gardening.Club.

Domain names that are being released “have suggested retail prices from $100 to $10,000.” The blog post mentioned that many domain name registrars sell these domain names for less than the suggested price, so you’ll need to check with individual registrars to see what is available and for how much at the time the domain names are released. According to the blog post, renewal prices for these domain names will be the standard renewal fee.

Check out the .Club  blog post for a full list of the domain names that are coming available.


  1. Again, FOOL’S GOLD. And also speaks to the unethical nature of these gTLDs. So basically, anyone can start a gTLD company, reserve all the good names and then try to scam the unsuspecting public? And if they don’t bite, just “release” the names afterwards as if in some grand goodwill gesture.

    People, learn to protect your money and the livelihood of yourself and your family and only deal in dotcoms.

    • I do agree with you about dot coms because they will always have a market whereas the new gtlds are more hit or miss. However, if there is a name that people like to buy, not sure why that would wrong? Let them float in the market and the market will speak for itself.

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