Amazon Using Amazon.Care for Employee Benefit


According to DomainIQ, Amazon owns nearly 40,000 domain names. This number could be much higher depending on the number of domain names the company owns that are registered under privacy proxy or have their registration data blocked due to GDPR. Within its portfolio are many thousands of new gTLD domain name registrations, which I notice in my DomainTools daily Registrant Alert email.

One observation I have made is that Amazon seems more interested in brand protection with its registration patterns than it does with using the new gTLD domain names. Observationally, for the most, Amazon doesn’t really use the vast majority of new gTLD domain names it owns. Some of its registrations are used for forwarding, but most do not seem to resolve. In fact, Amazon’s most well known promotion of a new gTLD domain name was in its Build on AWS campaign using BuildOn.AWS, and that domain name forwards to a page within its website.

Yesterday, I learned that Amazon is using a .Care domain name for a standalone website featuring its employee healthcare services. Julia Weikel from Donuts shared that Amazon is using and has branded its Amazon.Care domain name:

As you can see by visiting Amazon.Care, it is completely separate from The service is called Amazon Care, so the domain name spans the dot. Amazon Care is a pilot program employee healthcare benefit for Amazon employees and their families in and around Seattle, Washington. Interestingly, Amazon does not own, and it appears to be owned by a third party. That domain name was registered in 2016.

I think it is neat to see a company like Amazon using a .Care domain name. If Amazon rolls out Amazon Care to all of its employees, it will be interesting to see if the company continues to use Amazon.Care or if it shifts the website to its domain name.


  1. Didn’t someone who became super rich via UTube said
    dot com is KING and the rest is scam?

    dot whatever is good for INTERNAL company use but useless for the real consumers.

  2. Yesterday Morgan talked about and today you have an article on a .care. It must be an omen… I have climate .care in my portfolio. My only new gTLD . I don’t think will be available any time soon. I love how this one spans the dot really well and it is the most unifying name in climate… after all everybody cares we just don’t all agree.

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