Aman Bhutani on CNBC Discussing GoDaddy’s Q4


Like many tech companies, GoDaddy has been doing quite well during the pandemic. The company reported its Q4 2020 earnings on Thursday, and the company reported strong earnings. The stock (GDDY on Nasdaq) traded lower to $85.75 on Friday, down 7.65%. It is still trading close to its 52 week high.

GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani participated on CNBC’s Closing Bell on Friday to discuss the company’s fourth quarter earnings report, and I embedded the video of his appearance below:


  1. Elliot…the last time I was on CNBC in 2005 we were discussing Health South and the business ethics of their founder and CEO Richard Scrushy. It appears now I may be on CNBC again discussing the same sort of thing about Go Daddy’s business ethics with regards to the domain industry in general, and the secondary market a la Afternic.Regardless of whether or not we amicably can settle our dispute, I’ll probably be interviewed at some point about the domain aftermarket. Thanks for sharing the story Elliot☺.

  2. Yupper–every happy with my tech stocks portfolio-Microsoft,Amazon,Starbucks,FCEL and my sugar daddy of all is Tesla(bought at $150/share and spilts 5 times)

  3. Food for thought;
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