2.XYZ + 350 Other .XYZ Domain Names on Auction


xyz-logoThe .XYZ Registry hopes to start off 2017 on a high note by auctioning 350 .XYZ domain names on Chengdu West. The domain names in this auction all have no reserve and will sell to the highest bidders. The auctions begin concluding today (January 4), and it will run through January 13. Bidders need to be registered with the China-based auction house in order to participate.

I believe the most valuable domain name in this auction is 2.XYZ. This auction ends in approximately one week from today. Several single number .XYZ domain names have previously sold, with the largest sale being 1.XYZ, which sold for $182,000 in March of 2016. Other single number sales include 9.XYZ, which sold for $176,000 in December of 2015, 6.XYZ, which sold for $125,000 in November of 2015, and 8.XYZ, which sold for $82,000 in September of 2015.

Commenting on the auction, Shayan Rostam, Global Director of Registry Operations at .XYZ, shared the following with me:

“After ending 2016 with our accreditation in China, we wanted to start 2017 by celebrating with our loyal supporters in China and the rest of the world by auctioning off over 350 premium .xyz domains for no reserve. All names in the auction, including previously variably priced domains like 2.xyz and 55.xyz, will renew for standard fees at a recommended price of $10 USD per year.”

Some of the other .XYZ domain names that will likely fetch high bids in this auction include 55.XYZ, JJ.XYZ, and 222.XYZ. Since I don’t really know the Chinese market all that well, I am not going to guess what the most coveted domain names will be, although I think 2.XYZ will most likely be the largest sale.

If you have any questions about the auction or about signing up to bid, contact the .XYZ registry or West.XYZ (the English version of the China-based auction company).


  1. Good luck to the .XYZ registry… Great move in scaling the great wall of China.
    I noticed that West.xyz has some decent prices as a registrar. Does anyone have an experience with them and can advice on whether the service is decent and trustworthy?

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