ZL.com sells for $45,100 on NameJet


Subscribe to Elliot's BlogIn a pretty remarkable auction that just concluded minutes ago on NameJet, 2 letter .com domain, ZL.com sold for under $50,000.   While the value of LL.com domain names has been declining recently for a couple of reasons, I was surprised the result of this auction was so tepid.   Initially, I believed the name would sell for no less than $75,000.
I believe the general economy is putting a damper on the value of these domain names, and I think there may be a bit more risk to owning them, as there are generally a number of companies who can claim the rights to a short acronym, as was the case with LH.com, which is still pending in the US legal system.
If you are bullish on LL.com domain names, now is a good time to buy.

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  1. Here we go with that SOLD word again before the domain is even paid for and transfered. 🙂
    “ZL.com auction ended at $45,100 and is currently pending payment/Transfer. Let’s keep our eye’s on this to see if it goes through…” would be a little better.
    Vida.com is a recent example of claiming sold before the domain was ever paid for, so it’s always best to hold back from that SOLD word…
    Based on recent sales prices, there is no way the buyer wouldn’t pay for it. Most of the other no-sales I notice are typically sold for much more than market value. I don’t think anyone ever says “Moniker Auction Nets $x Million, Pending Payment” 🙂

  2. Chef, the “Z” is a great letter in the German language. The former owners of ZL.com are Swiss. I am sure that it’ll be a mystery as of why they let a 2-letter .com lapse. Perhaps a rather expensive lawsuit will follow.

  3. @ RegFeeNames,
    Besides “resale” to another domainer, what are the many options for this domain? No meaningful advertisers, no obvious acronyms, no “perfect match” end users, and no traffic.
    Am I the only one that doesn’t get these purchases? If I just spent $45K, I would want an obvious plan for the name.

  4. The name has value… Worth mid 5 figures in that it was in demand by a whole bunch of people…and it is quiet unique — that is about the one and only thing that it has going for it, being a short 2 letter domain ending with a mighty and powerful .COM

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