You Are Muted


I don’t know what it is, whether it’s a domain investor thing or a Twitter thing, but I see far too many people responding to tweets about domain names to mention their own, usually less good, domain names. For instance, I could mention a high value one word .com domain name that sold, and inevitably, someone will reply mentioning their three word .biz domain name they hand registered a couple of weeks ago.

I am not really a confrontational person, so the remedy for me is to mute that person. I don’t do this to everyone, but if someone’s first interaction with me is a mention of their own crappy domain name, they’re muted.

It’s understandable to get excited when a domain name crosses the screen that has some traits of a similar domain name in the portfolio. I don’t really get why someone would think other people are interested in seeing their domain name though. It’s not like I am going to suddenly start buying .whatever domain names because someone mentioned it to me in a tweet about a totally different, much more valuable domain name.

Twitter is a great place to share news and opinions. Aimlessly spamming unrelated, valueless domain names is not a great approach, in my opinion. I know several people who simply block those people or respond by telling them how bad their domain name is, but that is a more aggressive approach. I am more of a mute person.


  1. Do what I do: report them to Twitter for “reply spam”. Twitter wants you to report to them when someone does “reply spam”, which is exactly what the annoying person is doing. Twitter has a “reply spam” option under the reporting functionality to help everyone with this problem.

  2. I don’t do twstter,facesheet,intagerm or any social media…..waste of time and peoples’ opinions are worthless..
    All I care is me, myself,I,numbero Uno,number 1—my health and nobody can force you to exercise except YOU.

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