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Earlier this afternoon, Ian Andrew from Dotcom Agency asked .XYZ Registry CEO Daniel Negari an interesting question about forwarding:

It looks like the answer to this question is yes. If you visit urls like or, you can see that visitors are automatically forwarded to the correct .XYZ website. This is smart because I presume there is going to be some confusion for people who hear about a website via word of mouth in the short term. Even though this traffic might be small, it’s better that it gets to the correct website rather than being routed elsewhere.

There don’t seem to be a ton of new gTLD registries that own the exact match .com domain name of their extension. Not owning the EMD could benefit the owners of those domain names who receive added traffic as a result of typos, although I would imagine the percentage of this error traffic is likely small and should decrease over time. In addition, the owners would likely need to have some sort of subdomain wildcarding in order to take advantage of those typos, or they might end up on ISP error pages instead.

I asked .XYZ Registry CEO Daniel Negari about this, and here’s what he had to say about the forwarding:

There is not that much traffic that actually hits it.

I committed to providing this as a service as in the earlier days some people mcight have hit it.

Very happy to see that as awareness grows and .xyz is more popular less people use this service to correct a mistype.


  1. That’s might be the answer why .xyz is good in search result in Google. I have tried some new GTlds for my blogger blogs for bidding on keywords in Google search, because I learn that in SEO keywords in URLs is better than keywords in content (and in my country domain extension is not very important, the result in search engine is the most important), but I don’t understand why only .xyz that have a good result like in .com and .info . What I found is that if we use new GTlds to redirect blogger blogs’ url, they still shown the original url in Google search result in weeks (in .com, .xyz and .info the result can be changed in a view days), so the result is the EMD domain effect can’t be react easily in blogspot with new Gtlds address except in .xyz, that is what I found. That’s why I rather confused to use GTLDs in real project. Hope Google can explain why this happened…

  2. In my opinion this of Google and Xyz is a pure illustration of how revolutionized this market.
    Xyz is not considered an extension premium for most of the best registrars of domain names.
    After this I find great keywords that can be considered premium with this extension using. Com and already registered.

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