TRAFFIC Las Vegas Auction List Announced

Rick Schwartz emailed out the list of domain names that will be up for auction during the TRAFFIC conference in Las Vegas later this month. The live auction is scheduled for May 30th from 2PM-4PM. Although the reserve prices weren’t shared, half of the domain names will have no reserve prices.

Details about the actual auction weren’t included in the email. If it’s like recent TRAFFIC auctions, there won’t be an online bidding component. As someone who sells domain names (not in this auction though), it is bothersome that people won’t be able to bid online. However, I assume there will be a bidding phone line for people who wish to bid remotely.

The list of domain names up for auction is below: and
Bereaved.COM AND (As one lot) AND AND (As one lot)

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot,
    We are talking with Proxybid about doing it online. However I want to be on record as saying that when things hit snafu’s, it is the reliability of the connection out of the hotel. That is the weak link.

    So even if we have online bidding, we will have a disclaimer and I suggest anyone truly serious on a certain domain name should be on the phone and LIVE IN THE ROOM with one of our reps on the other end.

    I know if it were me and I wanted a domain I would INSURE nothing went wrong. For casual bidders, it is less important.

    • That makes sense. I’ve seen the snafus many times in the past, and no matter how good the system is, you’re at the mercy of the hotel’s connection.

      If I wasn’t going and wanted to bid, I’d have a colleague bid on my behalf at the auction.

    • Elliot, That of course is an option that MANY domainers use. They have somebody at the show bid on their behalf. Where there is a will, there is a way.

      I just want folks to know the reason why this is dicey and why it is so hard to sign off on.

      Hotel connections are notoriously TERRIBLE.

      Matter of fact we went to a site visit at a Marriott in Miami after TRAFFIC in October. They touted this specific hotel as THE most hgh tech they have in the USA. They bragged about this and that. Then I tested them. For 2 HOURS I could not get their wifi signal that was the BEST anywhere.

      I never did get my iphone to connect. So that is the problem. They have flawed systems and most use the same ones.

      So that’s the deal folks. I hope you can see why we are so cautious and why we will not put OUR NAMES behind it. Thus a disclaimer to use at your own risk IF we go that direction.

    • Somehow, I’ve always suspected that the reason TRAFFIC (Schwartz) dislikes online bidding is that it opens the door for Shill, fake, and other shenanigans, in bidding …

      So, I’m surprised the emphasis is on the wifi connectivity.

    • There have been many, many auctions felled by technology issues. It makes bidders impatient in the audience and those at home get frustrated.

      If you are planning to bid online and the system goes down during the auction, you’re basically screwed unless you can get in touch with someone in the audience with a paddle. If you aren’t expecting to bid online, you’ll be more prepared.

    • Because when I piss off the shills they go off the deep end.
      Of course that keeps the game honest and shills HATE an honest game. But easier to explain and have folks understand the wi-fi problem which is not something anyone can dispute.

  2. @Elliot,

    Do you have any names for sale in the auction? Which ones?

    I like the following names:

  3. A lot of great names but why in the world are these on the list and will someone buy 3dmovie already. I see that name everywhere.

    • Couldn’t agree more on 3dmovie. That name has been pimped so many different times the owner has really killed any value. I tried to buy it on Flippa in a no reserve auction under $4k and was second to a bidder who I guess mysteriously didn’t materialize with the money.

  4. What does the Head of IT at The Bellagio say on their Broadband reliability and/or how to optimize it for an auction? Kansas City & Austin hotels will be blowing away all others once Google Fiber is Up and Running, but I have to imagine Las Vegas venues have done this before.

  5. The Bellagio hotel is the worlds most expensive building ever built at 1.6 billion dollars and they just spent another 70 million on renovations and they don’t have an internet connection that is good enough for a 2 hour auction. LOL Pull my other leg it plays jingle bells.

  6. Tell ya what todd,
    Just ask any attendee of TRAFFIC and we have had ongoing problems year after year at venue after venue when it comes just to internal wifi.

    Depending on the venue cell service is less than optimal. Sometime NO SERVICE at all.

    Last year a complete outage in the area for 6 hours.

    But the biggest problem is we are in a bunker. We are in concrete ballrooms with no windows surrounded by Concrete Hallways with no windows. Surrounded by the building itself with no windows.

    We have NEVER had good wifi service in any hotel.
    It has been an issue at every single one. Wish it wasn’t.

    Real buyers don’t use that as an issue or an excuse not to buy. It is as simple as that.

    Screws up shills and pumpers. Oh well.

  7. “I guess the hotel connection at WebFest was incredible then…”

    It was very good. I watched it. It did however go down at one point and the online bidder lost his opportunity to bid because those 10-15 seconds cost him that domain. I saw it live.

    So not perfect and if you were the guy, you might be less than happy about it depending on the true level of interest of that domain.

    Online does inflate some prices. But that inflation cuts both ways. Lots of competing motives and folks that may benefit but there is no accountability or transparency. The way we do it helps to insure there is no abuse. And it is not like there has not been significant abuse.

  8. Why somebody should visit the auction while so many names are for sale for a long time?. Not to mention that buying directly from domain owners and using reputable and safe service e.g. is much cheaper. This auction does not make sense to me as most visitors are domainers who always try to buy as cheap and possible and they are femilliar with buying through escrow services.

    I have seen a few last Traffic auctions and none of them were successful unless you call mediocrity success. If you think otherwise just go and visit comments after each recent Traffic auction and take a look at their results. Facts speak for themselves.

  9. Good to see a cupla .NETs in the mix … cuz we’re in the InterNET not the InterCOM …and it makes much more senses & appeal than most of the pending new gTLDS

    I like the following .NET particularly… but must admit that I’m a lil’ biased on it 🙂 .. —–>


    Viva .NET !!!

  10. I am from Spain, I like . Majority in Spain are Christians I would be looking for this domain as an investment .


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