With Whom Would You Want to Have Lunch?

Warren Buffett has once again offered up a lunch with him in a charity auction to benefit The Glide Foundation. The bidding, which ends later on tonight, is currently near $1.6 million. This bid will surely increase, but it remains shy of the record setting bid of $3,456,789 in 2012.

According to the article, “Buffett has said the lunches generally last at least three hours and cover a variety of topics. The only topic off-limits is what Buffett plans to invest in next.” People seem eager to do this considering this annual auction lot has raised nearly $18 million over the last 15 years.

I am curious who domain investors would want to have lunch with if they could choose anyone in the business of domain investing. I am not going to run a poll with pre-selected options, so it would be great for you to share the person with whom you would want to have a 3 hour lunch meeting. Perhaps this is something that could be arranged in the future.

It would be difficult for me to choose one person right now. There are quite a few people who are very successful who haven’t necessarily shared their secrets publicly and don’t hit the conference speaking circuit. I would probably want to choose someone who doesn’t attend many conferences and isn’t regularly available for a phone call or meeting. On the other hand, there are quite a few people in the business who have successfully built industry leading companies and are often making news. I will give it some thought and share my choice later on today.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I would say

    Those would be my top 5. Tough to pick just one person.

    George K
    Adam Strong
    Garry Chernoff
    Nat Cohen
    Ron Jackson

  2. I would divide my time equally and invite both Rick Schwartz and Frank “.Whatever” Schilling for 90 minutes. I want to be there when Rick gets to say “I told you so!” (ie that the gtld concept was an incredibly stupid one).

  3. For me it would be Rick Schwartz. The articles he has written on his blog over the years have kept me inspired and motivated to keep doing what I’m doing. I love his style of writing and straight to the point attitude. His domain advice has been like a lighthouse in a turbelent storm. I imagine an hour in his company would refocus my business mind and underline the reason why he’s the domain investor I aspire to be.

  4. There is a lot of people I would like to have lunch with. I think if I had to pick one I would go with Mike Cyger. If it were a group lunch I would say Mike, Shane Cultra, Andrew Rosener and Adam Dicker. That group would be a lot of fun.

  5. Everyone has picked some great people, but no one has mentioned Page Howe.
    Page puts a lot of his time giving great advice on the sherpa show.
    Lunch with Page would be fun, as long as we go to McDonalds.porn, sounds like they have some new things on the menu…lol

  6. I think I’ve broken bread with just about everyone in the domain industry I’ve wanted to. Sahar would have been on my list but he just visited Panama and we had several meals.

    I would say my pick would be the partners of Scott Day & Jay Chapman. Even though I know both, I think they are two of the most intuitive and innovative people in our business for assessing the enterprise value of a domain name and creating deal structures that extract that value.

  7. And big thanks to all of you who selected me! I’m humbled! I’m also very accessible and happy to break bread with anyone given the opportunity, especially if you are paying!

  8. Garry Chernoff
    Josh Sexton
    Jeff O.

    Because these guys have all been helpful in the past.

    I’ve also learned a great deal (not just about domains) any time I have sat next to Braden Pollock, so I think lunch with him and Lisa would be great.

  9. Al Gore, since he invented the Internet and all the domain names that are a part of it. He’s the Original Gangster.

  10. I would like to meet with Frank and ask him why he keep pouring good money after bad now that it is rather obvious (to me, anyways) that the new gtlds have become a worthless funding suck.

  11. For me it would have to be Adam Dicker because we have the same humor and there would be a lot of laughs. Although, I also met Alan Hack at Namescon and he is one of the nicest guys and very passionate about building personal relationships.


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