Bandwagon Jumping on #WINNING Twitter Hashtag or Charlie Sheen Partnership?


charlie sheenI visited today to see what was happening on the site, and I was a bit surprised to see a Charlie Sheen  caricature and an announcement that something would be launching tomorrow (Monday, March 14, 2011).

To be precise, the Charlie Sheen-esque message on the site says, “Launching Monday 14th 3pm (LA Time…duh) Watch out Trolls! appears to have been  owned by World Media Group, LLC up until it went private today. World Media Group is a  company that owns domain names like,,,,, and many other descriptive domain names.

I am wondering whether the domain owner is jumping on the #WINNING Twitter hashtag popularized in the last week or so by Charlie Sheen, or if the company is partnering with Sheen on a new venture.

As mentioned by Sheen on Friday, he and his legal team were able to acquire “after years of being at the mercy of a decaying troll.” Perhaps they were able to buy (or lease) It’s also possible that the World Media Group is going to set up something to follow the #WINNING hashtag posts on Twitter.

I suppose we’ll see in just over 24 hours.


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  1. Good find Elliot. I was actually thinking about that domain earlier this week and forgot to look it up. Now I am curious where this site is going.

  2. Charlie charlie….you are not that important anymore.

    Haven’t heard of CS as the Earthquake news is more important that your freaking selfish self center life.Who cares about you!!!

  3. They all must be high on something or the Tiger blood seems not to be working as expected.

    Check the site…

    “Moving launch up from Monday November 14th to
    Tuesday March 15th…”

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