Wine Tasting and Friends in New York Area


Jordan on WineThis post isn’t about domain names or the Internet business, but I wanted to let you know about a great wine tasting experience I just had if you happen to live in the New York, Connecticut or surrounding areas.

Yesterday started like most other days for me with a dog walk and some business-related work. I met up with one of my best friends to go watch shopping to celebrate his recent promotion. Our wives were at home cooking dinner as part of a cooking contest we’ve been having. The “secret ingredient” was mozzarella cheese.

At around 6pm, we returned home, and as I entered my apartment, I was shocked to see it was full of some of my closest friends, their wives, my parents and my brother. “Surprise,” they yelled as I walked through the door – they were belatedly celebrating my 30th birthday.

The kitchen table was full of wine glasses, and we were introduced to Jordan Ross, an enologist from Connecticut. We learned about the proper way to taste wines to get the most out of each sip – in a non-snobby way. The tasting consisted of three flights with some of my favorite types of red wines – Pinot Noir, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

During each tasting flight, we learned quite a bit about the different types of wine, where they’re grown in the world, what makes a specific type of wine better than others, and a variety of other things. I especially liked that my wife was able to choose the wines before the actual tasting, and I also appreciated that Jordan doesn’t work at a wine store, so the tasting wasn’t like a sales pitch at all.

If you are looking to have a private wine tasting or seminar in your home and live in the area, I think you’ll enjoy working with Jordan. You can check out his site, or send Jordan an email to set something up.


  1. belated Happy Birthday Elliot!
    there must have been lots of ‘mazeltofs’ 🙂

    mine was last Saturday and it’s the last year of my
    age starting with a ‘2’

    best wishes,

  2. Thanks for the b-day wishes 🙂

    My friend didn’t end up with a watch yet… we just went to Jacob & Co, Franck Muller and Tourneau… saw some beautiful watches.

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