Will Zynga Move Forward Without GagaVille.com?


Gagaville.comOnline game company Zynga and pop singer Lady Gaga recently announced a unique partnership called Gagaville. According to CNN, GagaVille is “a uniquely designed neighboring farm to FarmVille, that sports unicorns and crystals,” with FarmVille being one of Zynga’s best known games.

Unfortunately for Zynga and Lady Gaga, it appears that someone else preempted them by registering GagaVille.com in December of 2009. The domain name was actually first registered in 2007, but it appears to have expired and then re-registered by the current owner. At present, the GagaVille.com domain name forwards to http://ledthings.com/gaga.

At present, Zynga is using Zynga.com/ladygaga for the launch page, but judging by its other domain registrations like Rewardville.com and CityVille.com, the company will likely want to own GagaVille.com.

Based on the facts that GagaVille.com is a forward rather than a separately developed website, and the owner appears to be a big Lady Gaga fan, as evidenced by his excitement over meeting Lady Gaga, perhaps a deal can be struck between both parties. I would not be surprised to see Zynga acquire GagaVille.com prior to launch.


    • @ Uri

      My guess is that it will be a NDA sale, but will be maybe a couple thousand and some Lady Gaga memorabilia. Lady Gaga could likely file a UDRP to get it, although that would take time and wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interest, IMO.

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