Sedo Gets Under Exclusive Contract


I received an email from Sedo broker Dave Evanson this afternoon announcing that has been placed under an exclusive brokerage agreement with Sedo. Although a purchase price is not being publicized (if one has even been set), the owner is asking for seven figure offers. is a great name, and although it could possibly be used by someone wanting to post famous quotes, I think the more obvious usage would be for stock quotes.  According to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, there are 83 million broad match monthly searches for the term “quotes,” and there are 2.24 million exact match global searches a month for the term. had been previously listed as sold in the DomainFest New York auction for $1,100,000, according to DNN. Apparently the sale never materialized as there did not seem to be a change in registrant before and after the auction.

Congrats to Sedo on locking up this great domain name, and I wish them luck selling it.


  1. Over marketing kills domain values, and it seems I’ve seen this name everywhere. Hopefully Sedo can find people that haven’t already been approached about this domain. There aren’t many.

    Also, initially, this may seem like an incredible domain name. It’s very generic, and “quotes” can mean a lot of things. The bigger lead gen guys know this, and is a big reason why it’s still available. A great deal of seo and marketing work will be needed in order to get the proper target audience to this domain. Still, a great name.

  2. Although most of the searches for quotes are indeed for famous quotations, the CPCs in this market are probably too low to justify a 7 figures domain.

    That was one of the reasons we acquired back in 08 and are very happy with it. will most definitely go to the insurance/stock market.

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