Will the Cowboys Ever Buy Cowboys.com?

Cowboys.com is now a dating website, and a number of sports and mainstream news publications have picked up on the news. Some people have speculated that the new website may be a ploy to get the NFL Dallas Cowboys to buy Cowboys.com. In the words of one commenter, “I just can’t help but feel this is a ploy to shock the Dallas Cowboys into action. If so very well played.”

The Cowboys.com ownership group once put the domain name up for sale via Sedo, but a deal it never materialized. I would not be surprised if the group would be willing to sell the domain name now for the right price.

That said, I am wondering if you think the Dallas Cowboys will ever purchase the Cowboys.com domain name. My guess would be that many people type in Cowboys.com looking for information about the Dallas Cowboys to buy tickets, memorabilia, and clothing. Most will likely go to Google or directly navigate to the correct site, but there may be some traffic loss by not owning the brand.

So… do you think the Dallas Cowboys will ever buy Cowboys.com? Answer in the poll below.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “My guess would be that many people type in Cowboys.com looking for information about the Dallas Cowboys to buy tickets, memorabilia, and clothing”

    Yep, that’s where the real money is with this domain.

    I voted no.

    I think Mr Jones & Company are waiting for the group to slip & once NFL merchandise/tickets/etc to appear on the site they can go UDRP on ’em.

  2. I had the same thought Mitch spot on. I think they are waiting for one slip, one ad and then UDRP. Jerry certainly had the $275,000 there was no doubt about that, so its a game they are playing imo.

  3. @mitch

    Cowboys.com sold for almost 400 grand so there is no way these guys are going to slip up and let anything that has to do with the Cowboys on this site.

    Smart move on the part of the domain owners by putting up a gay site. The Dallas Cowboys are not just a football team they are considered Americas team and there will tons of backlash from this which is going to twist Jerry Jones arm into paying up.

    The question here is not if the Dallas Cowboys will buy the name but how much is it going to cost them?

  4. What if there will never be a slip and it’s branded as a dating site for good?

    What if it pays off as a dating brand for the owners? They can always sell western themed merchandise to the dating subscribers since they are actually targeted buyers as well.

    $400K to brand a big dating site is not much.

  5. If they really wanted the football team to buy the domain, make it a gay porn site, not a gay dating site. Trust me they would call within 48 hours.

  6. Do they need it? Type in “cowboys” in a
    Chrome browser and you will find “Dallas
    Cowboys” on the first page. Advances in
    browser technology is changing everything.

  7. Maybe they don’t even really want it, and their current domain works fine for them. Are they really losing anything by not having the domain? Anyone looking online for the Dallas Cowboys website would easily be able to find it. They may only want the domain for an ego thing, but so far it hasn’t made them pursue it.

    Looks like Cowboys.com is just a white label site of another dating program, nothing special.

  8. As a non US citizen, I immediately thought of a dating type site, I’m a big western fan myself but think it’s a shame Cowboy’s can give that impression. Anyway, I think Cowboys.Sport is more appropriate.

  9. Looks like the Team owns DallasCowboys.com
    That is good enough and more descriptive for their audience.
    Especially, if the owners turn Cowboys.com into a Porn site or something else that creates residual or lingering damage to any future owners of the name.
    Will be interesting to see it all play out in time and how it ends up 5 years from now.

  10. Some perspective from a Cowboys fan with 1000+ domain names: I’ve been a Cowboys fan for a significantly longer time than I’ve been into domain names. I have lived overseas for most of the last 15 years and I wake up in the middle of the night every single Sunday (including tonight) to find a way to watch the games. I’ve consumed far more Dallas Cowboys content on the web than even the most avid Dallas Cowboys fan. I read every Dallas Cowboys article the Dallas Morning News published for over a decade, I frequently read articles on DallasCowboys.com, CowboysZone.com (just sold for $35,000 btw), Scout.com, ESPN.com, and several other related sites. I have never, ever had a single thought to visit Cowboys.com, I have never mistakenly landed there, and to this day I have still never been to that site. I fail to see how this name is worth more than $50,000 to the Dallas Cowboys organization, let alone the likely $500,000+ price tag that this name will now undoubtedly command. I’d love to hear some experienced domainers chime in to explain how this name is worth that much to the Dallas Cowboys organization. If I owned the name myself I would struggle to justify that price and I would be left hoping to find another buyer.

    • RJ,

      Think about it this way. If Cowboys.biz went into a dating site today or it had a $1M price tag, it would still have been no big news. Why do you think on the other hand .com hit the headlines? One reason I can think of is, .biz probably gets zero visitors per month and .com gets 30,000 or so visitors as stated in their PR.

  11. Yahoo sports has finally noticed… the title of the article is, “Cowboys.com is now a gay dating site”.

    They could have just said it was a dating site, but “GAY dating” is the bell that can’t be un-rung.


    All they need now is someone whose name is Jerry Jones to offer a review. Heck, even better would be a paid review and tag the review “Jerry Jones was paid to offer his opinion of our gay dating site”.

    • It’s funny how this took off.

      I wrote an article based on the press release.
      Deadspin wrote an article based on my article.
      Huffington Post, Yahoo, and many others wrote an article based on the Deadspin article.


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