Coming Soon: FreshDrop 3.0


I use a number of tools to do due diligence on domain purchases, find good domain names, monitor domain names, and locate buyers for my domain names. By far, the best tool I use to find good expiring/deleting domain names is Fresh Drop.

I logged in to FreshDrop this morning to search for and analyze today’s inventory, when I saw a notice that got me amped: “Coming Soon: FreshDrop 3.0  2 Years in the making.” Although the site does just about everything I could ask for, it’s always exciting when new features are added.

Some of the features and upgrades I’d like to see include:

  • Speedier data analysis
  • Ability to add my own names to analyze
  • Field to see if it’s a NameJet private auction
  • Estibot valuation field
  • Field showing the number of current bidders

I am looking forward to learning about the new features, and I will be happy to share them once I hear about them. If you aren’t using FreshDrop yet, I strongly recommend checking it out. I’ve literally earned tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) from the sale of domain names I’ve found using the tool.

For those who don’t know about FreshDrop, I embedded the video above.


  1. $100 a month? Yikes.

    What’s up with the 1997 web design?

    Ten day free trial on button but 2 day free trial when you have to agree to paypal payment.

    Take a tour video cuts off after a few seconds.

    Too pricy and bugs before I even see the user interface?

    Is it really worth $100 a month? I don’t know of any other domain service that is that expensive.

    I use domaintools MANY times a day and it’s a lot cheaper than that.

    • It’s the only tool I use to scan lists and I’ve earned deep into the 5 figures in profit from sales on names I’ve found with FD. It may even be 6 figures but I don’t want to be too aggressive. For $100/month, it’s well worth t.

  2. Hmmmm…. The site does appear a bit dated but the given the processing it does to display the data, the page load time is fast. Not sure if its worth paying out $100 per month for though??

  3. Hi guys,

    It’s Tan from FreshDrop. Just wanted to let you know that the new version of FreshDrop resolves many of the design issues that are present in 2.0.

    In addition to this, we will have a plethora of new search features that I think our members will like very much.

    Hope you all get a chance to try it out.


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