Will Google Launch “Google Keep” Without Matching Domain Names?


Some technology news outlets have reported that Google may be in the process of launching a product or service called “Keep,” and the company doesn’t seem to own related domain names. According to Time Magazine’s Techland, “Google appears to be testing a new service called Google Keep, which could allow users to compile written notes, task lists, web links and images in one place.”

I did a bit of research, and while I am not at all surprised the company doesn’t own Keep.com (it’s owned by a startup called Keep Holdings), they also don’t appear to own GoogleKeep.com. In fact, GoogleKeep.com was registered today and it has a domain name for sale landing page. The domain name appears to be registered under a privacy guard.

If it’s true that Google does plan to have a product or service called “Google Keep,” my guess is that Google wasn’t ready to reveal the news and didn’t yet buy the matching domain name that will most likely receive traffic. I think they probably should have bought the name because they’ll have to resort to buying the domain name (unlikely), sending a cease and desist, or filing a UDRP.

Google appears to own a number of matching domain names for products and/or services, although some of them aren’t being used by the company:

  • Gmail.com
  • GooglePlus.com
  • GoogleDrive.com
  • GoogleMaps.com
  • GoogleCalendar.com

Whatever the case is regarding Google Keep, it was probably unwise not to have bought the domain name, especially because they could have done it covertly if they wished. Likewise, I don’t think it was wise for someone to buy the domain name and try to resell it for multiple reasons.

Ultimately, Google will probably end up owning this domain name, but it will very likely cost them more than if they had reserved it earlier.


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  2. “..they’ll have to resort to buying the domain name (unlikely), sending a cease and desist, or filing a UDRP.” I’m thinking it will be the latter 🙂

    Def not wise for someone to have bought this domain tho. “Come on man!”

  3. As much as we harp in the community about these fools, there will always be one, just have to deal with it.

    When he gets that cease and desist letter, he will wise up quick.

    • I doubt they’d be willing to pay for this domain name. It sets a bad precedent when they buy domain names that contain their brand and makes them more vulnerable to future cybersquatters doing the same thing.

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