Video: How to Find the Names of Decision Makers


When I am looking to sell a domain name, finding a decision maker to discuss a potential deal is critical. Last October, I shared some tips to find the decision maker, and Ramahn was kind enough to share a video that offered additional insight into finding the names of decision makers. The video below was created by Jill Konrath, a best selling author and expert at sales strategy.

I could have a great domain name and be willing to sell it for a fair price, but if I am unable to get in touch with the person responsible for buying domain names, a deal might be impossible. There may be a variety of obstacles in your way to finding the person who makes domain name acquisitions for a company, but if you use some of the strategies I shared in my post and that are given in the video below, you’ll have a better chance at finding that person. You can also use some of this information to acquire domain names, too.

If you’ve had good luck finding a decision maker at a large company and used a tactic that hasn’t been shared, would you consider sharing it here? Obviously, it should be legal and ethical!


  1. Elliot, another great post. I have had great success with LinkedIn, across a couple of different businesses, although like she said, you need to do your research! If you are not tapping into LinkedIn to mine end user prospects, you’re missing the boat!

  2. Great post. It’s amazing what you learn each day. I had no idea some of those sites existed.
    Finding decision makers for small companies is usually fairly easy. Large companies, not so much…especially when several large companies all have skin in a major project together..try figuring out which chief to contact in that situation!

    Thank you Elliot for the exposure. I’m embarrassed to say there isn’t much of anything to offer on my site *right now* but I’m in baby stage to say the least. It’s great to meet & connect with new people in this small group of entrepreneurs & investors also called domainers.

    Vincent: Thanks, good advice. I’ll follow up on that.

  3. I use LinkedIn to get the name and then go back to the company website and find the email format. This is usually available in the ‘investment’ or ‘career’ sections as both of these sections usually show an email address for an individual.

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