Why I Am Not Transferring Domain Names from Go Daddy

I am entirely opposed to SOPA, and I’ve made my opinion known to people who are able to do something about it. I know that Go Daddy was originally in favor of SOPA, and then didn’t support SOPA, and the company is now supposedly firmly opposed to SOPA.

A number of  influential  people and companies have called for a boycott of GoDaddy. They feel that they should not support a company that supports a bill that can harm the Internet. Several companies have been giving special offers to transfer domain names today (like Namecheap).

That being said, I am a client of Godaddy’s (among many other registrars), and I am not planning to move my 100+/- domain names to another registrar.

From a financial perspective, I can think of many other things to do with $1,000 than spend that money transferring domain names. For $1,000, I can have a site redesigned, pay for an advertising campaign for some of my websites, can buy a nice domain name in the aftermarket, make a donation to a politician while letting him or her know I oppose SOPA, or just spend it on an expensive dinner and bottles of vintage wine. Whichever I choose, it’s better than wasting it on unnecessary domain transfers.

I also don’t believe that transferring domain names away from GoDaddy will do anything at this point. They’ve heard their customers and Internet community loud and clear. Whether they really are opposed to SOPA or are just saying they are opposed to SOPA because of the outcry is really a moot point for me.

I don’t feel badly at all for Godaddy. They made a terrible decision in my opinion and are doing what they can to rectify that decision. My account representative at Godaddy has always been helpful to me, and I don’t think spending my money on domain transfers from Godaddy is going to stop SOPA or make it more difficult for SOPA to pass.

I think Godaddy would be well served to start campaigning to their elected officials on why they now think SOPA is bad. That’s the least they can and should do to show that they now mean what they said.

I might not have the need to pinch pennies, but I am not going to wastefully spend my hard earned money to prove a point that has already been clearly proven.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Godaddy helped write SOPA. Difference between publicly supporting something and helping draft the bill.

    They are simply no longer publicly supporting SOPA, but definitely are still pro-SOPA.

  2. Elliot,

    This is the type of article that certainly doesn’t help. You’ve gone back to writing this type of stuff. The industry is trying to show strength by doing an organized protest, not that anyone likes to spend their money doing those transfers. You could keep your mouth shut, and not place your self constantly with big corporations, often against your own self-interest.

    I happen to agree that GoDaddy has done an about face turn, and perhaps we should be guarded in observing the next moves. But these your ass kissing, selfish write ups should be boycotted, if you don’t cut it out. “I, me, myself-” sometimes can take a back sit for “our industry”. And, this has nothing to do with capitalism. It’s just plain common sense.

  3. @ Uzoma

    This is my blog and I write my personal opinion, which requires the words “I,” “me,” and “myself.”

    I am giving my opinion and letting people know my position, just as you are doing.

  4. The venue of your comments do not factor in my response.

    I’ve had this problem with you. You can try to be a part of domaining or you can get the hell out of it, and go to your major corporations, intent, and bent on destroying us. You can be in both.

    And, to be honest with you, you should take this particular blog down.

  5. @ Uzoma

    My blog is my opinion, nothing more nothing less. You are welcome to disagree as is anyone else. There are a lot of people who are domain investors, who are adamantly opposed to SOPA, and who aren’t going to transfer domain names. Same type of thing was said with respect to Oversee during the Snapnames / Halvarez situation. Oversee still runs the largest domain conference, and its registrar is one of the ten largest.

  6. If you read my comment, and concerns carefully, you’d notice that I stated clearly that the article is unnecessary since the protest had already occurred, and GoDaddy had already reversed course, therefore, there is no need to shoot the protesters. There’s no need to divide the oneness of purpose by injecting selfish concerns. At the best, was to leave the subject alone. Why write to condemn the idea? Why not just not participate in moving your domains, but be quiet about it? It’s either that or support SOPA.

    Moreover, there’s a pattern of you not supporting anything that will deter industry heavy weights from trampling the middle, and small players. I know I have had this conversation with you on three or four different issues. It appears that your major defense is always that this is your blog. Well, your blog or not, you can still be wrong in your blog, and be right in somebody else’s blog. A blog, such as this, is a public forum for ideas. Not to promote only your own wrong headed ideas, no? I still can’t figure out what you gain from doing this type of write ups.

  7. I don’t plan to transfer out from godadddy and keeping my portfolio there they generate me sales and there the biggest.

    Hybriddomainer came out with an excellent post this week. Are people going stop watching espn? Because you should because they support sopa

    @Uzoma don’t like elliots blog. Don’t read. Simple as that. Same goes for domaining.com and your rants.

  8. I see part of Elliot’s point, but there’s 3 reasons I transferred domains today:

    1. Send a point to not only GoDaddy, but other companies that this behavior won’t be supported and that we can make a difference and there are ramifications.

    2. Long term cost savings – Annual domain registrar fees with privacy are less with name.com then GoDaddy.

    3. Even though I had to outlay hard cash today, most of my domains needed to be renewed within 2-3 months. So, with that in mind, pro-rated it wasn’t so bad.

    Bonuses: I also got many domains to renew with a consolidated date and now all are with 1 central registrar.

  9. @domains

    I normally don’t respond to anonymous posters hiding under the skirt of darkness, But for your info, for the first time Domaining.com is running an auction to distribute funds and proceeds to benefit the bloggers who keep him on top all these years. For the first time he is thinking about doing the right thing, and I don’t take credit for it, as such, but the bloggers are getting a little respect from him, compared to his attitude in the past, check it out:


  10. @Uzoma

    “And, to be honest with you, you should take this particular blog down.”

    Well, if you find it uninteresting, just don’t read it. I may not agree with all of Elliot’s posts, but I like the blog and it’s among the 6-7 feeds I follow closely on Domaining.com

  11. @ Uzoma

    I will address a few of your points:

    “Why not just not participate in moving your domains, but be quiet about it?”

    Because I am not going to spend over $1,000 to transfer my domain names elsewhere when I don’t need to do that, and I don’t want people to think I did do that because of the articles I wrote about Namecheap earlier.

    “It’s either that or support SOPA.”

    Are you going to stop watching NBC, ABC, and ESPN? Do you plan on personally boycotting all the companies who are still supporting SOPA (judiciary.house.gov/issues/Rogue%20Websites/List%20of%20SOPA%20Supporters.pdf)? If so, you’re going to have to stop listening to music put out by most of the big record labels, who support SOPA. You also better cancel your Visa and Mastercard that you may use to buy your domain names, since both those companies support SOPA.

    “there’s a pattern of you not supporting anything that will deter industry heavy weights from trampling the middle, and small players.”

    My article about Namecheap’s domain transfer day has over 5,000 visits and counting.

    “you can still be wrong in your blog”

    Absolutely, and that’s why I encourage comments and don’t censor people who disagree with me.

    “I still can’t figure out what you gain from doing this type of write ups.”

    I don’t think I gain anything, aside from the fact that people will realize that despite my articles about Namecheap and SOPA, I am not going to say one thing and do another. I am explaining exactly why I am not joining the masses and spending money on unnecessary transfers. I am very open about my business and business opinions. I want people to know where I stand on various topics and not just sweep something under the rug to be secretive.

  12. Who annointed you anything Uzoma, why would a successful domainer like Elliot Silver take you seriously ? You are lucky he publishes your idiotic comments.

    Just like your off topic comment on Domain Name Wire about Francois.

    Try creating something and stop wasting bandwidth for the world with these worthless comments.

    I usually don’t reply to idiotic commentary but Silver is too professional to tell you get lost.

  13. Elliot,

    I have no qualms with your last entry. When it comes to showing one front, people are supposed to do what they can. By you writing the Namecheap article, that was sufficient contribution. You don’t have to move your names, if it is financially unfeasible; you could move 1, or 2, or 10, or none. I am not writing about the minutiae. I am talking about the general attitude. You are moving the goal post in this conversation. The two point we are discussing, is 1. Should all domainers operate individually, only concerned about self-interest, or should there come a time when we show a unifying front and strength to deter negative force? 2. Can a blogger be wrong in his own blog?

    And, on those two points, I rest my case. Everything else we agree on.

  14. @domains I read that article and I had no idea all these entities support SOPA.

    @Jon are you boycotting movies and music ? They all support SOPA.

    Are you in the USA ? Do you watch the NFL or MLB they all support SOPA.

  15. Uzoma what united front is there ? I abhore pornography so am I on the same side with Michael Berkens who owns plenty of adult domains ? I wish him no ill will but I don’t stand united with him and his adult domains. I respect his right but I am not with him. That’s just one example.

  16. I usually don’t participate in actions like anti-SOPA but this issue is huge. Like changing-things-forever huge. So here’s what I decided to do.

    1) Switch to using AMEX as exclusively as possible instead of Visa or Mastercard for the next 6 months. Email both and let them know why. Yes, AMEX is a huge soulless corp too, but at least let them know the issue exists.

    2) Elliot’s point is valid as far as transferring for no reason. He’s obviously entitled to make that choice and it’s his blog. End of story.

    However, note that transferring from GD before the January price hike is a valid reason to make the move. Transferred out all domains from my GD account this weekend and killed two birds with one stone.

    3) Take five minutes to snail mail a letter to Disney (ESPN) and a couple other networks explaining how you feel about SOPA/PIPA. Assuming you actually do know why it should be opposed. Read the bill and know what you’re talking about.


  17. @uzoma I know why you hate domaining. It’s a selfish reason. Don’t try to make it sound like domaining.com is ruining the industry. You are the one who is ruining it.

  18. I didn’t move any domains from Godaddy. You’ll never get all domainers, or any one large group, to ALL move in the same direction on an issue like this. Godaddy is against SOPA now so what do you gain from moving domains, it won’t do anything to hurt SOPA. I think the registrars who tried to capitalize on the SOPA issue are just opportunistic and looking at this as a way to get more business. It is totally blown out of proportion.

  19. “I also don’t believe that transferring domain names away from GoDaddy will do anything at this point. They’ve heard their customers and Internet community loud and clear.”

    Do you think the outcry is loud enough to dissuade other companies supporting SOPA? MoveYourDomainDay is an opportunity domain owners have to quantifiably protest their disapproval of companies supporting SOPA.

    Every transfer counts! Hope you reconsider.

  20. Elliot,

    I give you much credit to tell the masses your true feelings.

    Yes, GoDaddy was in favor of the bill. That is a point taken. Yet, how many companies will then listen to their audience like that and say “Hey, we made a big mistake, we are here for the customer. Message received….decision overruled.”

    I do have most of my domains at GoDaddy and a number of other registrars, however, when it comes to the user experience in the Domain Manager, GoDaddy is clearly the winner.

    Also, taking a first place award is a company that….(read this loud and clear NameCheap) ANSWERS THE PHONE 24/7. As a matter of fact I have a domain that was transferred TO GoDaddy 3 months ago and still shows in the “domain manager” of NameCheap. The domain’s DNS is at GoDaddy and directing to where I want it. I have not alerted NameCheap on this one because I like to log into both accounts and show friends the domain in both registrars. Keep in mind that NameCheap (hmm….cheap is part of the name….does that tell you something) is a RESELLER.

    Enough said. GoDaddy reversed the decision almost immediately and to think that all of these cool aid drinking Jim Jones domainers would pay to transfer their portfolio over this situation shows how much of a sheep mentality the human can be. Elliot, sir….you are NOT a sheep.

    Godaddy. Thank you for having the sense to listen. I will not downfall you for correcting your mistake.

    David J

  21. I don’t support sopa but I’m just fine keeping my 500+ names at GoDaddy.

    As I’ve posted before and as a few here have mentioned:

    If you guys boycott GoDaddy then you may as well stop watching CBS, ESPN and other networks. Stop using Visa and Mastercard and forget watching the NFL or MLB. The list goes on and on. It’s ridiculous to me that domainers only seem to be targeting GoDaddy and not the dozens of other entities that they use daily who support sopa.

  22. Hi everyone this is my first post here. I think that comparing Godaddy to ESPN is not fair. There are companies thy we expect to be pro-SOPA and there are the one we expect to be pro-internet. I expected all the big studios, labels & pharma to be pro-SOPA but i was shocked to find out about GD as I expected they will be on te internet fron (they may be now whi knows).

    Regarding moving domains out of GD. I move about 50% I will had move more if the upfront cost wasn’t so high. Now that GD has reversed its position I will hol and see what happens next and decide if I need to resume moving out or give GD a second chance. I have been with them for almost 12 years and I will like to stay with them even longer but Sopa is a big deal for me.

  23. @DavidJenkins:

    “cool aid drinking Jim Jones domainers would pay to transfer their portfolio over this situation shows how much of a sheep mentality the human can be”

    Some folks decided to take action by voting with their wallet. Your anger at those individual decisions makes your statement deliciously ironic.

  24. Elliot,

    I agree with you. I have 400+ domains I just renewed a few months ago to beat the increase in prices in January. Cost me something like $2800 with coupons and such. I’m certainly not going to spend that all over again just to move to a different registrar. I don’t support Godaddy’s stance either and it’s obvious to me as it is to others that Godaddy can say what they want but their intent is there for all to see. But that said, the economy is crap so that $2800 to me was a lot now. There is making a point and there is wasting money. If I had infinite money I might move to make a point and join my Internet brethren, unfortunately the lottery still eludes me. Happy New Years all! 2012 feels like a good year to me…until it ends of course (he he) in December.

    @Uzoma why read Elliot’s blog if you don’t care for it? Seems like you could easily save yourself aggravation.

  25. @Sully: That makes perfect sense. If you don’t mind me asking, do you use any of GD’s upsell services (e.g. hosting, paid DNS, etc.)? If your account was like mine, there were none so GD shouldn’t care too much.

    I think what a lot of people are missing is that the revenue lost for renewals is pennies. In Sully’s case that would have probably been at most $200 in profit with coupons. Imho, what caused GD to issue an anti-SOPA position is two-fold.

    First there’s real revenue to be lost for even single domain accounts transferring out if the customer used their bread-and-butter revenue services. Losing 50 cents per year on the renewal is laughably small, losing $100 a year on upsells is a big deal.

    Second, it’s been a PR disaster that they didn’t expect. Obviously they still are in favor of legislation that includes their loopholes and overall philosophy of fragmenting DNS. The original letter makes this crystal clear.

    So it makes sense to fall back and give up on this piece of legislation, try to heal the PR mess then see if the goals can be snuck into some future legislation that is similarly MPAA/RIAA friendly.

    It’s the standard legislative process by asking for the sun and settle for the moon. When the moon was always the original goal. Except this time the little guys unexpectedly upset the apple cart before it could be ramrodded through.

  26. Please can someone explain the negative impacts associated with SOPA.

    I have a small portfolio of domain names, none of my names or websites have any form of pirated content. Do i need to be concerned?

  27. Thank you Elliott & SL for your quick responses.

    I will have a read over both of these links and try and work it out how it’s going to affect me.

    I don’t think by moving my few hundred domains from godaddy to another registrar is really going to make much of a difference though.

    Thank you again Elliott for taking your time and effort to share your opinion and the news with others. I appreciate it.


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