Where I List My Names for Sale These Days

Someone recently asked me where I list my domain names for sale. I’ve mentioned this in articles at various times on here and on Twitter, but I thought I would share an update to give current information about my portfolio sales listings.

I would guesstimate about 95% of my domain names are listed for sale on DAN.com. These domain names have DAN landing pages and nearly all have BIN prices with the make offer option. DAN has earned my business since I closed my first deal on the platform in April of 2020, and I am happy to send visitors there to buy or negotiate to buy a domain name I own.

I would estimate about 85% of my domain names are listed for sale on Afternic / GoDaddy. Most of these domain names have BIN prices, allowing prospective buyers to purchase these domain names at GoDaddy or their preferred network partner registrar. The reason this number is lower than the DAN number is I don’t list all of my recent DropCatch wins at NameBright since NameBright is not an Afternic partner. When I transfer names to GoDaddy before renewal time, I tend to list them on Afternic. My higher value names have a minimum offer amount but do not have a BIN price listed to allow me to consider various factors before pricing.

After recently having a conversation with Dave Evanson of Sedo, I added about 30 of my better domain names to Sedo with a relatively aggressive minimum offer amount but no buy it now pricing. This will give Sedo’s brokers my high end inventory for when a client is looking for a specific type of domain name. I may add more domain names to Sedo depending on how things go. Since listing these names a couple of weeks ago, I received one mid-five figure offer (Chilly.com), which I did not accept.

I have many domain names listed for sale on Embrace.com, the marketplace I operate with my own inventory. I previously had 50% +/- of my portfolio use Embrace.com landing pages, but DAN outperformed these. I still use the Embrace.com inquiry form for my higher value inventory rather than having BIN landers.

I also have a handful of one word .com domain names listed for sale on Evergreen.com. I regularly receive requests from Jen Sale who deals with high end names, and she has brought me leads for my one word .coms, so I list some of them there.

I do not really list my names for sale elsewhere. When names sell, I don’t want to have to make too much of an effort to find listings that need to be removed. I feel like I have good enough coverage with the venues I use, and I am regularly in touch with brokers seeking inventory for clients.

Where are you listing your domain names for sale these days?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m curious, of your buy now names that are listed at Afternic and have landers at Dan, what % of your sales end up being at Afternic vs. Dan?

  2. Almost exclusively Epik, using the new parking landers. It’s great and almost all the best sales I’ve ever experienced have involved contact via Epik in some fashion. Never had any really decent sale through any other platform, though I have without involving any platform, and make only very little use of the others anymore, which I don’t even bother logging into and pretty much forget about almost 100% of the time.

  3. I list my names at Sedo , Afternic , Dan , Uniregistry , Godaddy , West , Aliyun at the same time.But 95% of them parking at Sedo.Since there have been so many defaults in Sedo in the past year that I’m going to move most of them to Afternic where I successfully sold domain names there .

  4. I have around 2,700 Uniregistry names and several hundred Godaddy names on Godaddy’s Uniregistry Afternic DLS system. So most of my names have Uni BIN landers but are also in the DLS.

    The results are phenomenal – I have already sold 18 domains this year in a price range from about $300 up to 20k.

    I think I have pretty much all of them set up for “instant transfer”. But notably, 3 or 4 required a manual push or transfer. These indicate sales via Godaddy affiliates because instant transfer then may not be possible. So affiliate sales seem to be a modest but significant percentage of total sales.

    The latest Uni blog has just posted this:

    “Eventually, the Uni Market will give birth to the much-anticipated Afternic 2.0, integrating with it. That’s exciting news for the registrants of millions of domains already on the Afternic and Uni Market platforms.”


    I also maintain a few hundred domains on other markets because I think it’s a good idea to keep an eye on any innovations they might introduce.

  5. I list at Dan and Afternic only at this point.

    I use BIN + make offer + financing at Dan.

    I use a $1,500 minimum offer hurdle at Afternic, quoting Afternic brokers 13.75% higher prices than Dan BIN due to a 20% commission at Afternic vs only 9% at Dan. That way, my net proceeds are the same regardless of the channel (broker involved vs. no broker involved) the buyer decides to use. Therefore, I am indifferent as to which channel they choose. Some do decide to pay more at Afternic/GoDaddy than they could at Dan, presumably due to the trusted GoDaddy brand.

    While I do have some names listed at Sedo, I stopped adding new acquisitions to Sedo on January 1, 2021 due to the time consuming process of manual verification which puts more onus on the Sedo customer than on Sedo’s own automated tools or lack thereof.


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