Tell Us About Your New Domain Related Products or Services

I get a few emails a month from people asking me to review their new product or service. I generally have a quick look, but unless it’s something I know will help or improve my business, I can’t spend the time going through it, let alone reviewing it for others. It takes time away from my work, and it wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone for me to post a half-assed review.

That being said, I do want others to know about new domain name related products and services that are out there and available for domain investors to use. Something that might not be necessary for my business may be very helpful to someone else.

In the comment section of this post, I welcome you to post information about your new domain name related product or service. To make this as beneficial as possible, please let us know the following about it:

  • Name of your product/service and where it can be found
  • Summary of what you are offering
  • Reason why it’s different than what’s already out there
  • Price of the service and special discount or offer to readers (ie first month free, 10% off…etc)
  • Who manages/operates the product or service

As I mentioned a week ago, I am on vacation until the end of July and comments may take a bit of time to be published.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Yo,

    I have been creating Apps for my websites and it has been so good.

    Why create Apps?
    Increase traffic to your sites and you MAKE MONEY!!!
    and lastly, it adds value to your website.

    For example:

    It is so easy, you need to have a Mac and sign up for the Apple Developer ID($99)
    I use this service:

    So Easy to use just like installing wordpress.
    I am working on more Apps for my sites and more $$$$

  2. Our service is Generic Domain Finder

    We combine an in depth keyword tool with a domain availability check.

    Do a search, check the availability of hundreds of exact match keyword domains. We currently support COM NET ORG INFO BIZ and US extensions.

    The current version is $29 a month, and we have lots of upgrades coming out in the next couple of weeks.

    I’ll give a free month of full access service to anyone who messages us through the site contact form, and mentions ELLIOT’S BLOG.

    The service was developed and maintained by my outsourcing business – Agents of Value.

  3. You can catch deleted domains by ICANN Registrar Secura. The service is also valid for IDN domain names.

    ICANN accredited registrar Secura cooperate withs a lot of other registrars in this field, in order to get a high success.

    Secura offers this service for catching deleted domains at success basis. The submission of the application is free.

    You pay only for a successful domain registration.

    Secura monitors these Top Level Domains:
    # at-domains
    # ch-domains
    # li-domains
    # de-domains
    # com-domains
    # net-domains
    # org-domains
    # info-domains
    # tv-domains
    # cc-domains
    # me-domains
    # in-domains
    # mobi-domains
    # biz-domains
    # eu-domains
    # us-domains
    # uk-domains
    # be-domains
    # ca-domains
    # se-domains
    # asia-domains
    # es-domains
    # dk-domains
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    # it-domains
    # nz-domains
    # au-domains
    # sk-domains
    # pl-domains
    # nu-domains
    # br-domains

    If you are not interested in the monitoring of deleted domains, but in the monitoring of your own domains for security reason, Secura recommends to you the software “Domain Alarm” (

    Hans-Peter Oswald

  4. I enjoy building out niches. I’m an experienced software engineer and develop niches that can scale beyond a single site. I make each site configurable with a backend database and ensure each page is seo-friendly and unique.

    The network is a collection of over 1,000 niche career sites. Each niche job board focuses exclusively on an occupation, industry or region. Job seekers, employers, and recruiters alike recognize the growing importance and value of a niche jobs board that caters to their specific industry, professions and region.

    We own over 4,000 niche career related domains. We probably own more than we can develop/manage so may look to sell some domains at some point. Our first 1,000 sites were mostly occupations and titles. Currently working on building out our GEO job sites and other location specific sites, like state, county and municipality jobs. We will also expand internationally.

    My advice to domainers and site developers is never give up. If you develop a niche that is not producing results, then move on to another niche that offers opportunity and is more promising. It’s also good idea to put together a business plan. Seek advice from others and put time into research. That’s what I finally did on this project. We will soon expand into other services, like capturing resumes and working directly with employers/recruiters.

  5. @Michael Daigle

    I like the niche you got, how do I get into your network using my cloudcomputingjob dot com. (it gets lots of direct traffic and google searches)


  6. @BullS

    Our platform is proprietary. We currently don’t license to other parties, however, we may decide in the future to partner with other domainers and offer a hosted solution. But before we do that, we need to add additional features to round out our service offerings.

  7. Michael Daigle—

    oh well..never mind then.

    By the time you get it up, it is already too late.

    There are others like indeed,beyond and etc but all of them take too much commission,that why I decided to write my own and keep all the profit to MYSELF.

    I will get an app up for my jobsite too.

  8. Protrada – The Domain Exchange:
    Launching Wednesday 13th July 2011

    Protrada helps domainers of all experience levels find undervalued domains in the aftermarket. It also offers a complete end-to-end solution for the domain life cycle; research, analyze, bid, buy, manage, develop and divest.

    Some of the features Protrada members will benefit from include:

    • The Domain Exchange: Central place where all domain buying and selling occurs.

    • Domain Intelligence: Search efficiently through loads of data and easily sort domains by criteria including CPC activity, appraisal value, traffic, TLDs and most recent bid.

    • Aggregation point: For all the major aftermarket platforms (Go Daddy, Snap, Afternic, Sedo etc.)

    • Rules: Ability to make rules and filter to identify specific opportunities.

    • Watchlist: Be alerted when a domain that meets investment criteria becomes available.

    • Live trading floor: Showing multiple auctions simultaneously.

    • Bulk DNS management: Ability to manage 1000’s of domains across platforms.

    • Bid master tools: A proprietary bidding formula which ensures you win domain auctions at the lowest possible price

    • Verification of Sites: Import all your domains into your portfolio to start developing websites, list them for sale or assign them to a broker

    • Website development: Instantly add a hosted multipage website with high quality content, social media connectivity and monetization feeds including CPC, CPM, CPA and eBay so you can start generating cash flow and adding value to your domain immediately after auto propagation.

    • Smartphone Application: Watch, buy and bid on domains from your Smartphone so you never miss an opportunity (coming soon).

    You can enjoy the Protrada solution for just $29 to manage and develop up to 25 domains/month, $79 to manage and develop up to 100 domains/month, $199 to manage and develop up to 500 domains/month and $399 for unlimited domain management and development/month. Visit for full details.

    See you soon!


  9. I just started MyCheap.CO
    which is a CO domain newsletter and will allow owners to sell their CO Domains.

    Why is it different? No one is selling their CO domains through a newsletter.

    Price? FREE – Just sign up at MyCheap.CO and you will start getting newsletters.

  10. It is a free tool and selling domains is a art not a science, so remember it might be a little off what you think a domain is worth. But this is a great tool that took us sometime to build. It is going off exact data taking local, global, cpc, domain length, and a couple other characteristic.


    here is the link if you can not find it on the site

  11. Thousands of domains expire and get deleted daily. Our script lets you run your own Expired and Deleted Domains website.Script is easy to install and run on your own webhosting. It provides your visitors with valuable service to find expired domains name and generates site owner affiliate revenue

    Please check out more information at
    To view script demo:

  12. My name is Marco and I’m running the FREE website

    It’s an aggregation platform for domainlists. The lists get updated daily/hourly and the system adds relevant data like backlinks, pagerank + fake check, alexa ranking, google index count and more to them. You can search, sort and filter the domains.

    At the moment there are Expired Domains (Pending Delete) you can backorder or you can wait until they got deleted and show up under Deleted Domains, but that is just the beginning. In the next weeks i will add the following lists:

    * SnapNames Auction Domains
    * SnapNames PreRelease Domains (Expiring Domains)
    * SnapNames Sellers (Exclusive and Private Sellers)
    * GoDaddy Closeout Domains
    * GoDaddy Featured Domains
    * GoDaddy Traffic Domains
    * GoDaddy Most Active Domains
    * GoDaddy TDNAM Domains
    * Sedo Auction Domains
    * Sedo Fixed Price Domains
    * NameJet PreRelease Domains
    * NameJet Auction Domains
    * Pool Marketplace Domains

    That’s currently a total of 7.5 mio domains you can look through and every day around 300k new domains get added to the site.

    What’s different about my site to other Expired Domain Listing Sites?
    It’s free, it’s fast and it is FREE 😛

  13. After seeing the large volume of .co domain sales I decided to buy one and make a listings / classified domain sales site.

    List your names for FREE at – the worlds newest domain listing site, dedicated to .co domain names. To celebrate the launch, all standard listings are offered at NO CHARGE so please, come and list as many as you like! 🙂

    This is going to make Robert Cline fall off his chair laughing, and its fair to say 24hours ago I had ZERO plans to make a .co site!


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