What is the Last Domain Name You Bought?


The Product Hunt Twitter account posed a question yesterday that garnered a ton of replies: “What is the last domain you bought?

I took a quick look through the responses, and there were lots of domain names mentioned by Product Hunt followers. Interestingly to me, there were a whole lot of new gTLD domain names purchased and mentioned. I saw the following extensions mentioned by people who replied (and I am sure I missed some):

  • .Tech
  • .Ventures
  • .Live
  • .App
  • .London
  • .Shop
  • .Chat

Of course, .com domain names were the most mentioned extensions, and there were quite a few popular ccTLD domain names as well. It looks like .io was probably the most mentioned ccTLD domain extension I noticed.

To answer the question, the last domain name I bought at auction was HouseholdWaste.com (NameJet), and the last domain name I bought privately was Gingham.com.

What was the last domain name you bought?


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