GoDaddy Sells At Least Four 2 Letter .com Domain Names


Yesterday morning, George Kirikos tweeted about the likely sale of, a two letter .com domain name that had been owned by GoDaddy via its NameFind portfolio company:

This morning, I noticed that at least three other domain names appear to have been sold by GoDaddy. The change of ownership was detected by the DomainTools Registrant Monitor tool, and I saw these names in my morning Registrant Alert email. Here are the three names that appear to have been sold by GoDaddy / NameFind:


Using DomainIQ, it appears these three domain names and are all registered to Guta, the domain name brokerage and consulting firm operated by George Hong. I reached out to George yesterday when I saw transfer to his company, but he said he could not comment. It remains to be seen if he acquired the domain names on behalf of a client or for his own purposes.

Because GoDaddy does not share any sales information, it is highly unlikely that we will learn the sale prices of these domain names. If I do learn more – or if I hear about other domain names transferring, I will share an update.


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